Halmstad for slightly older children

Is there anything better than a dip in the sea? Feeling the supple sand between your toes and hearing the waves gently breaking on the beach? The sun’s warming rays and the breeze’s cooling caress?

Fun, speed and excitement

For slightly older children, Slottsmöllan is a place with much to discover. Halmstad Activity Centre offers a laser game, gladiator-like challenges, Prison Island (mental and physical challenges) and Black Pearl golf (played in a “black light environment”). For those seeking speed, Slottsmöllan’s skate park with, for example, its ten-metre wide ramp, is only one of the possibilities. Those who want engine-driven speed should put Halmstad’s Go-cart Hall at the top of their list. If you want to reach new heights, we recommend Halmstad Climbing Club. At Slottsmöllan, there is everything for a day full of fun, speed and excitement.

Outdoor go-carting is possible at the track on our Östra Stranden beach. Take the opportunity to have a family competition to see who is fastest! At the Halmstad Arena complex, there is a skate facility with several ramps. Enjoy the sun and the skating!

If your family has not yet visited the Yoump trampoline park, now is the time! Here, there is bouncy fun for everyone and the guarantee of next-day exercise aches for all – well, at least, the adults.

Balls and racquets

Paddle tennis is something of a Halmstad speciality. We have several courts, both indoors and outdoors. If you would like to try other racquet sports, we have many courts for these too. We have brought together all the possibilities on a page about racquet sports.

Salty sea adventures

Wakeboarding, stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, kayaking... Halmstad has every variant. All our water-based adventures have been brought together on a compilation page.

More tips for the family

Are you looking for more tips and inspiration for what you and your children can do on a visit to Halmstad? Perhaps both can be found in our guides focused on children and families!

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