Halmstad for the very young – 19 tips

Halmstad has numerous exciting places to discover for young children. Take a little walk along the Troll trail (Trollstigen). Discover art in the centre of town along the pinecone trail (kottepromenaden). Find adventure in a playland or at Solrosen playground. Or just enjoy an ice cream at Möllegård. The whole family is welcome to Halmstad!

Leos Lekland

When it’s indoor weather or you’re bursting with energy Leos Lekland (Swe) External link, opens in new window. is the place for younger children. There are endless opportunities for children to run, play, climb, and laugh. Let your creativity and playfulness lead you among ball pits, air cannons, pirate ships, trampolines, and climbing towers.

 Children in ball sea

Photo: Anastasia, Mostphotos

Halmstad Äventyrsland – adventure park

Prepare for a full day of adventure! Halmstad Äventyrsland (Swe) External link, opens in new window. is full of fun things for children of all ages. How about a dinosaur park, merry-go-rounds, a pirate land, and a fairy tale land? Or the big water park, perfect for hot summer days!
Closed for 2023, planned reopening in 2024.

Olofstorps Djur & Trädgård – animals and garden

At Olofstorps Djur and trädgård (Swe) External link, opens in new window. you can meet many different animals, and entry is free. Snuggle up to bunnies, count the farm’s goats, or check out the big pig. Have a break in the café or bring your own picnic to enjoy at one of the tables, or on a nice spot in the grass.

Halmstad City Library in evening light

Halmstad City Library. Photo. Patrik Leonardsson

The City Library

For those looking for calmer activities, cosying up and reading can be mixed with crafts and discoveries in exciting environments at Halmstad City Library (Swe). External link, opens in new window. There is usually a programme filled with activities for younger children, such as storytelling and children’s theatre.

Halmstad Arena Bad – indoor pool

Halmstad Arena Bad (Swe) External link, opens in new window. is a great water park for the whole family, with loads of opportunities for play. In the water park you will find water slides, a water piste, raging rapids, and bubble zones. For the smallest visitors there is a separate section with water-spouting animals and a large pool with comfortably tempered water.

Halmstad Arena Bad

Halmstad Arena Bad. Photo: Anders Andersson

Mjellby Art Museum

At Mjellby Art Museum there is always a creative artist’s corner open where children can make their own works of art. The museum also holds art exhibitions for children and workshops on different themes. NOTE Mjellby Art Museum is currently closed for renovation and will reopen on September 7, 2024.

World of Riccardo and Möllegård’s nature reserve

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Surrounded by the natural beauty of Möllegård, Riccardo has created an Italian oasis with top quality Italian ice cream that he makes himself – World of Riccardo (Swe). External link, opens in new window. Enjoy a delicious ice cream and finish by exploring Möllegård’s nature reserve. External link, opens in new window. When in season, you might also find some blueberries, yum!

 Ice cream from World of RIccardo in Möllegård in Halmstad

Ice cream from World of RIccardo in Möllegård. Photo: Riccardos

The Troll Trail in Haverdal

The Troll Trail is a walk made for children. Through the Haverdal nature reserve, among crooked pines, lies this cosy walking trail between Haverdal’s camp site and the beach. Bring the smallest children along on an adventure among hidden trolls and see how many you can find!

Fish for crabs

Fishing for crabs is a fun activity for old and young alike. And it is not very hard, all you need is a fishing rod, a bucket, bait, and maybe a net. Head out to Steninge, Grötvik, or Laxvik which all offer surroundings where crabs like to hide, often among seaweed, rocks, and cliff faces.

Crab fishing on the pier in Steninge in Halmstad

Crab fishing on the pier in Steninge. Photo: Anders Andersson

Röda Kvarn cinema

Do you have a young film lover at home? Even the youngest family members deserve the magic of a cinema visit. At Röda Kvarn cinema (Swe) External link, opens in new window. you will find films for the whole family, as well as baby cinema for children aged 2 and up. A perfect activity for a rainy day, or why not a luxurious evening visit?

Galgberget and Sagoängen playground

Galgberget’s green oasis is perfect for a day trip with the children. Take a stroll in the beautiful greenery, say hello to the ducks at Landalasjön and visit one of Halmstad’s most popular playgrounds – Sagoängen. Stop by one of the many grill sites or picnic tables to replenish your energy!

 Sagoängen's playground on Galgberget in Halmstad

Sagoängen's playground on Galgberget

Solrosen Playground

A perfect playground for the younger children as well as one of the most popular playgrounds in Halmstad. Here you will find plenty of opportunities for play and adventure with numerous slides, swings, trampolines and climbing frames, all with a Pacific theme. For hot summer days there is also a water slide where you can cool off and play.

Wapnö Farm

Wapnö Farm External link, opens in new window. is open to the whole family and a perfect destination if you have young children. Look at the cows in the milking carousel, say hello to the newborn calves in the maternity ward, or try sitting behind the wheel of a tractor. The well-stocked farm store is another good reason to drop by!

Cows at Wapnö Farm in Halmstad

Cows at Wapnö Farm

Hallandsgården Open Air Museum

The Hallandsgården Open Air Museum can be found in the midst of the great natural beauty of Galgberget. Here you will find large green areas for playing and adventuring, a small and cosy playground, and a popular summer café. In the summer there are also guided tours for children and story time by Backstugan.

Brottet Swimming Stadium

It is no wonder that families flock to Halmstad’s biggest outdoor baths, Brottet Swimming Stadium, on a hot summer’s day. The baths suit adults and children alike, and the location right next to the sea provides that extra something. For the smallest visitors there is a kiddie pool, and the verdant surroundings are perfect for children to run around and explore.

Brottet Swimming Stadium in Halmstad

Brottet Swimming Stadium. Photo: Patrik Leonardsson

Stora Berg – pick your own strawberries

Bring the children to Stora Berg (Swe) External link, opens in new window. and let them run free among the strawberry fields. Picking your own strawberries is a simple treat for the whole family that can be concluded in the nearby café with its famous berry buffet.


Virsehatt nature reserve is home to a digital treasure hunt, perfect for curious children. In your phone, you can see the map and via QR codes you can listen to Virse’s stories. Part of the treasure hunt goes up to the top of the mountain, which can be a tough challenge for the very young.

View from Virsehatt in Halmstad

View from Virsehatt. Photo: Åse Ahlstrand

The Tallvik playground

Inspired by the sea and forests, in two separate parts, you find the Tallvik playground in beautiful surroundings along Prins Bertil's trail. One part tempts you with swings, a climbing frame, and a big boat with many opportunities for games. The other hides among the trees and consists of an obstacle course made from natural materials.

Art map for children – Kottekartan

With the help of the Pinecone Map you can bring your toddler on an exciting walk in the centre of town to discover the public works of art together. You can download the map at halmstad.se (Swe) External link, opens in new window. or get a printed copy at Halmstad Tourist Centre.

Information in the map is in Swedish. Click the icon in the top right corner of the map to open in Google Maps. To view and hide different layers, as well as to see all activities, click on the icon in the top left corner of the map.

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