Pushchair-friendly Halmstad – 20 tips

We have gathered 20 tips for destinations with adults in mind, but that are readily accessible to babies, prams and pushchairs. Welcome to pushchair-friendly Halmstad!

Wayne´s Coffee

The Halmstad branch of popular chain Wayne’s Coffee External link, opens in new window. is located in the town centre in a cosy café in a fin-de-siècle building. With several large rooms, all with high ceilings and comfortable furniture, the café has ample space for prams and pushchairs, whether you intend to stay for a leisurely traditional Swedish fika or to grab a quick lunch with friends.


The popular Söderpiren, or the Västra stranden beach, is located next to the marina at Västra Stranden. Enjoy an invigorating lunch or refreshments in a glorious seaside environment. Relax in the outdoor seating area when the sun is shining or shelter indoors on windy autumn days and enjoy the sight of the waves crashing on the shore. Either way, you’ll find access no problem with your pram or pushchair!

 Söderpiren on Västra Strand beach in Halmstad



A visit to the Hallarna shopping centre is child’s play, even with your toddler and pushchair. Enjoy the many shops or take a break in one of the many restaurants and cafés. The largest public cylinder aquarium anywhere in Scandinavia is generally a popular diversion for children, while the welcoming family room will make your visit even more comfortable.

World of Riccardo and the Möllegård Nature Reserve

Riccardo (Swe) External link, opens in new window. has recreated a little piece of Italy in the midst of the beautiful natural landscape in Möllegård, with homemade Italian ice cream of the highest quality. There is plenty of space for your pushchair both indoors and outside on the cosy terrace. Should Riccardo’s be full, however, it is equally pleasant to enjoy your ice cream while strolling through the Möllegård Nature Reserve (Swe). External link, opens in new window.

Möllegård nature reserve in Halmstad

Möllegård nature reserve

Biskopstorp Nature Reserve

Biskopstorp (Swe) External link, opens in new window. is one of southern Sweden’s largest woodland nature reserves. It is also one of Halland’s most accessible walks, with trails and paths adapted for those arriving with pushchairs, prams, wheelchairs or walking frames. Discover the unique environment of joint valley landscape, purling streams, lakes, old-growth forest and grazing livestock.

Halmstad City Library

Pay a visit to Halmstad City Library (Swe). External link, opens in new window. In addition to reading and borrowing books, you can take the weight off in the café for coffee or a simple lunch and enjoy the exhibits at Halmstad Art Gallery. The children’s department of the library is inviting to children of all ages, with a programme including everything from baby rhythm to children’s theatre.

 Halmstad City Library in the dark

Halmstad City Library. Photo: Patrik Leonardsson

Brottet Swimming Baths

It is hardly surprising that families make a pilgrimage to Simstadion Brottet, Halmstad’s largest outdoor swimming baths on hot summer days. Adults enjoy the baths just as much as children and the seaside location adds that extra spice. The expansive lawns provide ample space to park prams and pushchairs, while the toddler pool is ideal for the little ones when they need to cool off in the heat.

Cortado Coffee Shop

Do you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, a friendly reception and great coffee? Then Cortado External link, opens in new window. is the place for you. Choose a spot inside the cosy café, on the sunny terrace or why not buy your lunch to go and enjoy a picnic in Norre Katts Park? Easy and child-friendly!

Prince Bertil’s Trail along the coast in Halmstad

Prince Bertil’s Trail

Prince Bertil’s Trail

Prince Bertil’s Trail popular hiking trail takes you on a journey through beautiful natural surroundings with everything from sandy beaches and waterside woodland to marinas and ancient quarries. If you have a pushchair, we recommend the route between Halmstad Castle and Jansa Jetty, along which the trail is easily accessible and ideal for a slightly extended stroll with your pram or pushchair. The easiest route back is by bus to Tylösandsvägen.

Hiking along the Nissan River

In the mood for a somewhat longer walk with your pram or pushchair close to the city? Take a hike along this beautiful and interesting trail along the Nissan River. The full route covers just over eight kilometres beginning from Halmstad Theatre, although you can of course begin your walk wherever it suits you best.

Norre Katts park next to the river Nissan in Halmstad

Norre Katts park next to the river Nissan

Norre Katts Park

Norre Katts Park offers a rich variety of flora, with magnolias, rhododendrons, azaleas, lime tress and colourful flower beds. At the top of a hill, the yellow café Rotundan towers regally above its surroundings. Enjoy the peace and quiet as you stroll around, or sit on the grass with a simple picnic enjoying the views across the Nissan River. Completely pushchair-friendly!

Konditori Regnbågen patisserie 

A classic patisserie for a traditional Swedish fika in tranquil surroundings. Oven-fresh bread, pastries, cakes and buns are served every day at koditori Regnbågen ( External link, opens in new window.Swe). External link, opens in new window. For those feeling a little more peckish, there are also open sandwiches and salads. Prepare yourself for the possibility that it may be a little crowded, although there is usually no problem finding space for a pushchair or pram.

 A man looks at a painting at Mjellby Art Museum in Halmstad

Mjellby Art Museum

Mjellby Art Museum

Mjellby Art Museum specialises in Swedish surrealism and has an impressive collection of works by the Halmstad Group. In addition to the Halmstad Group, Mjellby Art Museum also has a programme of temporary exhibitions. The museum welcomes the entire family and regularly arranges family Sundays. NOTE Mjellby Art Museum is currently closed for renovation and will reopen on September 7, 2024.


The verdant oasis of Galgberget is much-loved and well-visited by Halmstad residents and visitors to the city alike. On a clear day, you can see not only the whole of Halmstad but even the Bjäre Peninsula in Skåne. Many of the trails through Galgberget are ideal for walking with a pushchair, making the area a favourite destination no matter the season.

 Halmstad Castle

Halmstad Castle

Historic city walk

Grasp the opportunity to learn more about Halmstad’s thrilling history. Download our guide and set off on a historic city walk through the town centre. The tour, which is pushchair-friendly, takes you past Fattighuset (the city’s old poorhouse), Norre Port, Halmstad Castle and Saint Nicholas Church.

Art walk

Discover the city’s public art on your own art walk. You can download an art map to guide you from the municipal website at External link, opens in new window.. Simply choose the artworks you want to see. One tip is to begin with the bronze sculpture Girl in a Tub, which you will find in Norre Katts Park. Then simply follow the numbers on the map. Among the unmissable works are: Europa and the Bull by Carl Milles; 0 + 0 = 8 by Fredrik Wretman; and Head of a Woman by Pablo Picasso.

The Fountain Europa and the bull on Stora torg in Halmstad

Europe and the bull on Stora torg. Created by Carl Milles

Tylösand illuminated jogging trail

Do you enjoy running? Halmstad offers a number of pleasant exercise trails so why not go for a run with your pushchair? The new illuminated trail in Tylösand covers 2 km of gravel path ideal for running with a slightly more robust pram or pushchair.

Danska Fall

In the Danske Fall nature reserve, you will find old-growth beech forest, rocky escarpments, well-trodden walking trails and open ground. However, with its 36-metre drop, the waterfall is probably the biggest attraction. While the nature reserve as a whole is unsuited to prams and pushchairs, it is perfectly possible to walk from the car park to the falls itself along the connecting gravel path. You may have to negotiate a few steep slopes but the reward once you arrive at your destination is well worth it!

Danska fall in Simlångsdalen in Halmstad

Danska fall in Simlångsdalen

Skedala Woods and the Torvsjön lakeside trail

Skedala Woods is a popular hiking area and one of its most celebrated paths is the lakeside trail around Torvsjön, which is as beautiful on a summer day as on an overcast afternoon when the clouds and fog roll down across the forested slopes of Högåsen. The trail is relatively accessible and it is no problem to navigate with a pushchair, although depending on the weather it may be a little muddy underfoot here and there.

Göstas Café and Restaurant

Gösta's Café and Restaurant External link, opens in new window. is cozily situated in Steninge, with the sea as its closest neighbor. The menu here is characterized by delicious options, both savory and sweet. There is plenty of space for strollers, both indoors and outdoors on the large terrace.

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