Minigolf and crazy golf

For many people, Halmstad and Golf Capital are synonymous. There are lots of golf courses here. Yet, there are even more for minigolf and crazy golf!

Are you an avid golfer? Or highly competitive? Or simply keen to challenge friends and loved ones to a fun round of minigolf? Whatever the answer, you are always near to a course here. Minigolf can be found almost everywhere in and around Halmstad. You are sure to experience the thrill of competition, joy and, perhaps, a little frustration – but isn’t that also part of the game?

In the city

Inside Halmstad, you can play both indoor and outdoor minigolf. On warm summer evenings, Japans lovely outdoor course, with its characteristic rubber matting, is perfect. It is also illuminated. This makes for a real cosiness that is ideal if you are on a date! Another glorious alternative is Palmqvist Kiosk & Golf. Never hesitate to combine a round with a day on Östra Stranden beach and a mouth-watering ice cream.

If the weather lets you down, there is no need to worry. You can still play. Japans also has an 18-hole indoor course at Flygstaden. At Halmstad Activity Centre at Slottsmöllan, you will find Black Pearl Golf – an entirely unique experience. Here, you play in a so-called “black light environment”. This makes it an entirely different ball game!

Outside the city

If you are able to explore Halmstad’s beautiful surroundings, you will find even more courses. We warmly recommend Punch Restaurang & Bar in Tylösand for anyone who wants to combine minigolf with a good meal. Steninge has the cosy Steninge minigolf course. This can be easily combined with a day on the beach.

Halmstad Golf Arena has a professional minigolf course. Its Himalayas crazy golf course can be played as a fun interlude or as formal putting practice.

Several of Halmstad’s camping sites have minigolf or crazy golf. Gullbrannagården, First Camp Tylösand, Vilshärads Camping and Haverdals Camping are some of those that have courses. Naturally enough, you are welcome to play even if you are not staying overnight.

Golf with a twist

Would you like to try golf in a different format? The Sannarp discgolf and Andersberg courses are perfect for a round of Disc golf. They are free. All you need to do is take along a Frisbee and aim at the baskets! Vilshärad has football golf. It is like golf, but you user your feet and a bigger ball.

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