Halmstad for teenagers – 19 tips

There’s always something for teenagers to do in Halmstad with family and friends, whether you prefer adrenaline kicks or peace and quiet, nature or city activities, sports or board games. Here are 20 great tips. You’re guaranteed to find your favourite!

Hang out at Rotundan

Rotundan (Swe) External link, opens in new window. is a vibrant café and culture oasis in Norre Katts Park in central Halmstad. Enjoy a coffee or a snack while chilling out and admiring the view over the river Nissan - or take in one of the many performances on the stage in summer. In June, July and August there’s something happening on the stage nearly every day.

Go to an event

There’s always something happening in Halmstad. Check out our event calendar to stay updated. Don’t miss fun attractions like Summersmash, RIB boat trips to Tylön, events at the NollTreFem youth culture house (Swe) External link, opens in new window., football matches at Örjans Vall and e-sports events at the University.

 Full speed ahead in Gokarthallen in Halmstad.

Full speed ahead in Gokarthallen. Photo: Gokarthallen


Halmstad has two places to enjoy a go-karting challenge with your parents or friends. Ride indoors at Gokarthallen (Swe) External link, opens in new window. in the Slottsmöllan area of Halmstad.

Halmstad Climbing Club

Don’t forget to visit Halmstad Climbing Club (Swe)! External link, opens in new window. It’s fun and challenging for people of all ages. You won’t need any prior skills to climb here, but children under 13 must be accompanied an adult. You can free climb on the walls without equipment, or rent shoes and harnesses.

Several people ride fatbikes in Halmstad.



It’s never the wrong season to visit the beach - especially on a fatbike. Simply speaking, a fatbike is a bicycle with large wheels for riding on sand or snow. Cycle with your friends on Tylösand, Östra Stranden or one of Halmstad’s other sandy beaches.


If you’ve got a skateboard and can’t wait to use it, check out these four fabulous places. Halmstad Arena Skatepark (Swe) External link, opens in new window. outside Halmstad Arena is a concrete skatepark with street and bowl areas. There’s a smaller skatepark at Söndrum School. The skateparks Kitekalle skateklubb (Swe) External link, opens in new window. and Halmstad skateboardklubb (Swe) External link, opens in new window. have indoor skateboarding. Visit each website for opening times and details about BMX, inline skating and kickbiking.

 Padel at Ringenäs Golf Club in Halmstad

Padel at Ringenäs Golf Club. Photo: Per Nilsson

Play a racket sport

Halmstad is a haven for racket sport lovers. Visit some of our padel courts, borrow equipment via Fritidsbanken (Swe), External link, opens in new window. visit an outdoor tennis court or play tennis, badminton or squash at Söndrumshallen (Swe) External link, opens in new window. – or why not try them all?

Mountain biking

If you’ve never tried mountain biking, we highly recommend contacting Mountain Biking in Halmstad. External link, opens in new window. You can rent a bike through them and book a guided tour on the route that suits you best. If you’ve brought your own bike and equipment and are just looking for a great MTB trail, check out the Halmstad MTB website (Swe). External link, opens in new window.

Halmstad Wakepark

Halmstad Wakepark Foto: Per Nilsson

Watersports paradise

Do you love water? You’ve come to the right place! In Halmstad you can try wakeboarding, standup paddleboarding (SUP), kitesurfing and snorkelling on a snorkelling trail. If you need suggestions for good places to go or more details about equipment and availability, we’ve gathered all the information you need on our page about water sports in Halmstad.

Sleep in a wind shelter

How often do you sleep outdoors? Probably not often enough. All along Hallandsleden hiking trail there are wind shelters that are well worth spending at least one night in. Enjoy the silence, discover nature, cook in the forest and tell scary stories round the fire in the evening. If you’re not an expert in the great outdoors, make sure you’ve got someone in your group who is. Or start by trying Glamping. We have collected several tips for a night out on our site Stay in nature.

Eld som brinner vid en sjö

Go to the cinema

Who doesn’t love sneaking into a dark cinema and losing themselves in a good, fun, scary or exciting film? Röda Kvarn Cinema External link, opens in new window. is located in the centre of Halmstad with plenty of cafés and restaurants nearby. Combine your cinema trip with coffee or a meal.

In Oskarström, about 15 kilometers outside the city, is another cinema, Oskarström's Cinema (Swe). External link, opens in new window. Here is a varied selection of films for the whole family!

Personer springer ut i havet

Foto: Syda Productions, Mostphotos

Hang out in Tylösand

Pack some food and bring a volleyball. Whether it’s spring, summer or autumn, there can be few better ways to end the day than having supper in the sunset and playing volleyball beside the Nyrebäcken estuary in Tylösand. And do not forget to take a dip in the sea.

Play Laserdome or laser tag

Halmstad Activity Centre External link, opens in new window. has an indoor Laserdome facility. Or if you want to play laser tag outdoors in a forest, Halmstad Lasertag External link, opens in new window. offers that option.

Laser beams

Photo: Andreas Köcher, Mostephotos

Play paintball

Challenge your friends to a paintball match. Halmstad has two paintball centres to choose from. Paintball Halmstad (Swe) External link, opens in new window. is located in Dragabol outside Sennan northeast of Halmstad, and Halmstad Paintball (Swe) External link, opens in new window. is in the relatively central Kärleken area of Halmstad.

Golf in all its forms

Halmstad is Sweden’s golf capital offering various types of golf in addition to regular golf. Try one of our adventure golf courses, or try your hand at football golf or disc golf. Which will be your favourite?

Football golf at Gullbrannagården in Halmstad

Football golf. Photo: Gullbrannagården

Rent a canoe or kayak

Enjoy a kayak or canoe adventure in Simlångsdalen. In Simlångsdalen there’s a cluster of interconnected lakes. You can paddle from lake Brearedssjön to Simlången and then on to lakes Töddesjön and Gyltigesjön. Bring a picnic and stop for lunch at a beach on the lakeside.


Challenge your family or friends to an orienteering contest. When you buy the Naturpasset orienteering package, you get a map of control points and a set of instructions. The control points are outdoors amidst nature and are accessible from spring to early autumn. The control points can be visited at any time, and you can reach them by walking, running and sometimes cycling. Who will find all the control points first? You buy your Naturpas at Halmstad Tourist Center.

Dragons & Mazariner in Halmstad

Dragons & Mazariner

Dragons & Mazariner

Step into the world of board games at Dragons & Mazariner (Swe) External link, opens in new window. in central Halmstad. Here you can watch and play board games, socialise with other gamers, grab a coffee and check out the latest games. Challenge each other in games such as Ticket to Ride, Warhammer and Bezzerwizzer. Remember to pre-book a table in order to play.

Halmstad Escape Game

Imagine breaking into a museum with your friends at night. Before the morning, your task is to trick the security system and steal the notorious skull without getting caught. Does this sound like your sort of challenge? Then don’t hesitate. Head straight to the Halmstad Escape Game. External link, opens in new window. Bring your family and friends and pool your wits to crack the challenge.

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