Östra stranden beach

Östra stranden is located about 4 kilometres from the centre of Halmstad and is a shallow and child-friendly sandy beach with many services and a playground.

There are cottages to the north of Östra stranden – they began appearing early in the 20th century. It was then becoming more popular to swim at the beach instead of in a cold swimming pool. Gröningen is also specially adapted for people with disabilities and is staffed during bathing times in the daytime during the summer. If the flag is raised, this means that there are staff on duty. In the bathing area there are a number of facilities in the changing rooms to help you take a dip. Everyone is welcome at Gröningen on Östra stranden, but as a visitor you are encouraged to take special care and allow room for guests with disabilities.

The cottages continue along Köpenhamn and end towards Hagön in the south. When you get to Hagön, the Hagön nature reserve extends right down to the beach. Hagön nature reserve consists mostly of open moorland and lush meadows growing on sandy soil and offers great opportunities for hiking in the beach forests within the dunes. To the far south, at the Fylleån estuary, there is a naturist beach – Halmstad's official nudist beach.

There is access to a disabled toilet at Östra stranden. There are indoor and outdoor toilets in the Hagön and Lilla Köpenhamn areas. You can also hire a volleyball net here.

The sea at Östra beach in winter

Water quality and temperature

On the website of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, during the bathing season you can see the current forecast, with water quality, algae formation and water temperature of the official bathing beaches.

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