Halmstad for children and families

Is there anything better than a dip in the sea? Feeling the supple sand between your toes and hearing the waves gently breaking on the beach? The sun’s warming rays and the breeze’s cooling caress?

Nature, animals and the outdoor life

Most children love being out in the wilds. Halmstad has 57 nature reserves for wonderful outings. Möllegård nature reserve offers beautiful countryside and home-made Italian ice cream at Riccardo’s. In the Haverdal nature reserve, the way to the sea is lined by hundreds of eyes. Will you find all the trolls? Buy one of our orienteering kits and find your way around with the whole family.

The scenic Galgberget hill is home to the Hallandsgården open-air museum with its café and heritage buildings. Here, you can experience how people used to live. The buildings and the café are open in the summer, but the area is open all year round. Not far from Hallandsgården, there is a viewing tower that seems to have been taken straight from a fairy tale. This too is open in the summer. Only a short distance from here is Landalasjön lake, an ideal picnic spot.

The Wapnö Gård farm estate is open to the whole family and offers guided tours, an estate shop and a restaurant. Take the opportunity to watch cows in the milking carousel. You can also sit behind the wheel of a tractor. "Olofstorp animal and garden" is a slightly smaller farm. Nonetheless, there are many animals to see and entry is free. The area has a café and picnic table.

For fishers, there are many good fishing spots. You can buy the necessary fishing permits from Halmstad Tourist Centre.


Are you looking for a family friendly beach with shallow waters that are especially suitable for small visitors? We can recommend Haverdal, Vita bandet, Jansa brygga, Påarp & Laxvik, Östra Stranden and Tjuvahålan. All the beaches shelve gently and there is little risk of strong currents.
If the weather is not quite warm enough, you can visit Halmstad Arena Lido. This is a glorious pool complex with a diving tower, adventure section, bubble pool, babies’ water play area and adult exercise lanes.

Several varieties of golf

Halmstad offers several forms of golf. With eight traditional golf facilities, Halmstad is Sweden’s Golf Capital.

If you want to play a different form of golf, Halmstad still has the answer. At the Sannarp discgolf and Andersberg courses, you can play Frisbee golf (also sometimes referred to as disc golf). Entry is free. Simply take along your own Frisbees and aim for the baskets! If, instead, you would like to try football golf, Vilshärad is the place for you.

Classic minigolf can be found at several places around Halmstad – Gullbranna, Östra Stranden, Tylösand and Steninge. Crazy golf (minigolf in a slightly wilder form) can be played at Punch, First Camp Tylösand, Haverdals Camping and Halmstad Golf Arena.

Explore your family’s innovative streak

Fab Lab Halmstad is one of Sweden’s four Fab Labs. The possibilities here include: scanning and printing 3D models; cutting vinyl, wood and acrylic resin to shape; milling out and soldering circuit boards; casting silicon and metal; programming; modelling; or, simply enjoying a cup of coffee! Let your creativity flow. You pay only for the materials that you use. Children under 15 are welcome accompanied by a guardian.
At Mjellby Art Museum, there is always an artists’ corner open for children to mess around in and create their own works. The museum also arranges art shows for children and workshops on various themes. NOTE Mjellby Art Museum is currently closed for renovation and will reopen on September 7, 2024. Additionally, Halland Art Museum (reopening in autumn 2019 after renovation and extension) holds activities with children in focus.

Bowling and other indoor activities

Bowling is a wonderful family activity. Everyone can join in, from the youngest grandchild to the most venerable grandparent. There are three bowling venues in Halmstad. O’Learys is in the city centre. Besides bowling, the other activities on offer include shuffleboard, boule, pool and machine games (basketball, air hockey, punch ball, test your strength, etc.). You can also enjoy a good meal while taking a break to watch your favourite team winning on TV.
Gomidda is a sports and steakhouse restaurant in Flygstaden. It has four bowling lanes, boule, multisport simulators, darts and shuffleboard. A little way inland, Getinge has a bowling hall run by Getinge Bowling Club. You can play here weekends, evenings and selected weekdays. Why not hire the entire hall for yourselves?

Snow and winter

When the snow arrives, be ready to take advantage! Bring along your sledges (or borrow from Fritidsbanken) and take all the family to the Jutarum hill.

At Strömvallen in Oskarström, there is an outdoor ice track that is kept open from December to February. If temperatures rise much above zero, there are always the free public skating sessions at Halmstad Arena.

More tips for the family

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