14 activities we love in Halmstad

Halmstad people love doing lots of things. We are naturals at refining the general art of living! Of course, there are adrenaline-rushing and spirit-calming activities amongst our favourites. Here are 14 of them. Perhaps you will be able to try them all. If not, you are more than welcome to make return visits and complete the quest.

 People run into the sea

Photo: Syda Productions, Mostphotos


We love being in the sun, near water! Hardly surprising with over 45 kilometres of glorious beaches and masses of lovely lakes. Make a day of it and take a picnic basket along with you.

Walking in the countryside

Roaming amongst the trees of a nature reserve. Bird song, gentle breezes and the sun’s rays filtering down through the branches. Forest scents bring a peace that cannot be found elsewhere. Surely it cannot be a surprise that we love walking, can it?

 Person playing golf with view of the sea

Photo: Per Nilsson

Playing golf

We have fantastic golf courses here in Halmstad. And with variations that ensure a game is always exciting for everyone. Throw in good company and it is no wonder that golf is close to our hearts. Welcome to the Golf Capital!


Halmstad is made for cycling. We have amazing cycle trails, both in the city and in the countryside. The best thing about cycling is its availability. Whether you are working or enjoying some downtime, the possibility is always there. You are also the master of whether you take things gently or go for the burn!

 Bicycle at sunset by the sea

Photo: Anders Andersson

Delighting in good food

Food is a glorious part of living. Fine drinks bring further enhancement. And it is always nice to try something new. Yes, we Halmstad residents love going to our restaurants. We would be delighted if you joined us!

Spending time as families

We love doing things together. The whole family, tall and small, young and old. The great thing about Halmstad is that there is something for everyone. Sports, games, organised events, simply messing around... You choose!

 Family sitting on bench in forest

Photo: Syda Productions, Mostphotos

Going to events – large and small

We love the experience of attending events, no matter whether they are large or small. The opening of an art exhibition, a play, a concert... Perhaps all of these. But not simultaneously. Though that too could be fun...

Relaxing and pampering

What about taking things easy and slapping on a face pack? Or enjoying a spa day with friends? We love those moments when we take the time to simply breathe in and out. When we look after ourselves, take care of our health and escape hectic, everyday life.

 Two girls looking in mobile on bench

Photo: William Perugini, Mostphotos

Shopping locally

Halmstad City is the heart of our municipality and a favourite place for shopping. There again, we also love trips out to our Flygstaden, Hallarna and Stenalyckan shopping complexes!


Making use of “cast-offs” is so immensely pleasing. Finding the gem we have been after for so long. The rush of pleasure when it is finally in our hands. No wonder we are so fond of upcycling... And visiting second-hand shops, flea markets...

 You talk to sculpture

Photo: Anders Andersson

Discovering art

Art makes you feel things. We like that. Sculptures, canvases, murals – all have something to give us. Art is everywhere in Halmstad. You can enjoy it in galleries and museums or when out strolling the streets. We love art!

Taking part in sports and games

We think exercise, physical and mental, is fun. Especially in the company of family or friends. Playing paddle tennis, minigolf and beach volleyball are great favourites. As also trampolining with the whole family. And... Well... There are so many fun things, why restrict yourself to one? Enjoy a full day of various sports and games in Halmstad!

 Paddle track in Ringenäs

Photo: Per Nilsson

Learning about our history

We are proud of our history. In fact, it has made us what we are today. The Viking era has left many traces in the area. Our city is over 700 years old. The castle has been here for 400 years. Do not miss all the exciting historic remains and monuments, both inside and outside the city’s walls.

Enjoying life

In Halland and Halmstad, we have nurtured and refined the art of living for thousands of years. The transition from surviving to living was made long ago. We love life and being here. We love sharing this with others. So, come as you are. Stay with us. Visit us whenever you like. We hope you will be inspired by what we offer. The art of living is also the art of giving!

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