Fall in love with autumn

There are so many reasons to love autumn. The aromas of ripe fruit. The enchanting morning mist. The foliage, which surpasses itself in symphonies of colour. Now the mushrooms are tempting hikers into the forest. It's time to reap new experiences. A bitter autumn day is perfect for visiting a spa or a museum. Get more out of autumn in Halmstad.

 Family out in the woods

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Hiking in nature – Colourful leaves and autumn warmth

Autumn is a great time to be out in nature – watch the leaves of the trees become a collage of different colours, look for mushrooms and berries, or enjoy the last warming rays of the late summer sun between the branches. Pack some refreshments and take off on a day hike in one of Halmstad's finest hiking areas, such as Simlångsdalen, Biskopstorp or Skedala Forest. Or perhaps you would rather follow the markings on the Hallandsleden Trail or Prins Bertil’s Trail and discover some of Halland's most popular trails? We promise you an amazing experience, no matter what you choose to do!

You will find more nature tips on our pages – 56 nature reserves to discover, Superb day trips on foot, Picnic spots och Hiking in Halmstad.

 Hands holding pear in hand

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Harvest time in autumn

During the late summer and autumn, you are welcome to come to Halmstad to enjoy taste sensations that will remain long in memory. Meet farmers, food creators and food lovers who are passionate about growing, picking, preparing and serving you nature’s treasures from Halland’s soil. Also take the opportunity to visit some of all our fantastic farm shops.

Person gets facial treatment

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Relaxing Spa Experiences

On a dreary autumn day, what could be better than a trip to the spa? Hotel Tylösand is home to The Spa. This prize-winning and popular spa enjoys stupendous views and a first-class location. With the sea at its doorstep and panoramic vistas across the sand dunes, the boundaries between indoors and outdoors evaporate. A few more city-centred options include SPA Halmstad (Swe)external link, opens in new window or the charming Hotel Continental Relax & Spa. Guests can enjoy outdoor bathing in a warm spring, foot spas, saunas, a gym and a relaxation room with comfy lounge chairs.


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Warming sauna baths and hot tubs

Söderpiren is a small, open-air bathhouse. Here you will find a sauna, a cold bath (not just the sea!), a relaxation room and, of course, an outdoor hot tub. And you get the magical sea views into the bargain!

The exact opposite can be found at Skallinge Gård (Swe)external link, opens in new window, located north of Simlångsdalen. With the forest as your nearest neighbour, you can enjoy the sauna and then go for a cold swim in the adjacent lake. To enhance the experience even further, combine it with forest bathing!

Hands holding a basket of chanterelles

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Nature's pantry

During autumn there are plenty of mushrooms and berries out in the countryside, and what could be cosier than an afternoon in the forest with a basket on your arm and a thermos of coffee in your pack? If you head out into the forests around Tönnersjö, Oskarström, Slättåkra and Simlångsdalen, chances are good that you will come home with the basket full of chanterelles or other fruits of the forest. If you do head out on your own, make sure you’ve read up properly and are careful when picking mushrooms. Feel free to read more tips and information at svampkonsulent.se (Swe)external link, opens in new window. Also keep your eyes peeled for the season's last blueberries and lingonberries - because surely there’s nothing better than homemade jam?

If you head further inland to Halmstad's beautiful marshes (such as Långhultamyrenn (Swe)external link, opens in new window or Mogölsmyren (Swe)external link, opens in new window), you can actually find both cranberries and cloudberries. Just make sure to wear sturdy waders or boots when exploring the beautiful wilderness of the marshes!

Together with a mushroom consultant

If you’re not comfortable going out on your own, you have the opportunity of going out with a mushroom expert in Halmstad, who can give you advice and expert help. During the autumn, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation sometimes arranges hikes with mushroom consultants. Check with Halmstad Tourist Centre whether any tour is planned.

Farms with pick-your-own

If you’re not having any luck picking but still want to feast on berries, you should swing by some of our farms that offer pick-your-own. Or choose a farm shop where you can buy freshly picked and locally grown berries and vegetables. We have some tips for pick-your-own on a separate page.

 Wild safari in Halmstad

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Safari in the wilderness

Book a wilderness safari at Tallhöjden Inn (Swe)external link, opens in new window and get closer to the animals and wilderness than you ever could have dreamed! Your guide will lead you through magical forests of the Simlångsdalen Nature Reserve, where you have a great chance of seeing the wild animals of the forest, such as wild boars, roe deer, elk, owls, or foxes. Discover the wilderness during the hours of darkness as you listen, track and watch for the forest animals. This is a nature experience that you will never forget!

Person looks out over nature reserve in Halmstad

Photo: Åse Ahlstrand

Put everyday life on hold in the wilderness

Give yourself time to relax, to just be. Halmstad teeming with places to find peace and quiet, always close at hand, no matter where you are. The sea is just around the corner, as are the forests and inland areas. Pull on your boots and fill your basket with berries or mushrooms, wander together along beautiful natural trails or along a lush green path.

On our page Put everyday life on hold in the wilderness, we have gathered several places in Halmstad where you can find peace - in the forest, along a hiking trail, by the fishing lake ...

Kale soup

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An autumnal soup lunch

Autumn is without doubt the best season for a tasty and warming soup, and what could be more typical of Halland than a delicious kale soup? HarplingeKål offers a delicious recipe that is fantastic on its own, but a couple of slices of fresh salsiccia or other flavourful sausage and a handful of crispy root vegetable chips will take it to new heights. On our page about Halland's superfood - curly kale, you will find more recipe tips.

HarplingeKål’s Kale Soup


  • 250 g HarplingeKål kale
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 2 tbsp wheat flour
  • 5 cups water + 1 bouillon cube (vegetable or chicken) or 5 dl mild broth
  • 5 dl milk
  • salt and white and black pepper
  • 1 dl crème fraîche
  • boiled eggs, for garnish


  1. Fry the butter and flour.
  2. Pour in the broth and water and dilute this mixture with milk.
  3. Add the chopped HarplingeKål kale. Bring to a boil. If you want the soup smooth, puree it with a handheld blender.
  4. Season and boil for about 5 min.
  5. Finally, stir in the crème fraîche. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
  6. Serve the soup with halved boiled eggs. A toasted cheese sandwich makes the perfect accompaniment.
Halland art museum

Photo: Hallands Konstmuseum


In Halmstad there are a number of interesting museums where you can learn more about everything from art and military history to the country shops and sport of the past.

At Halland Art Museum and Mjellby Art Museum you can discover the Halmstad Group, many other local painters, and internationally renowned artists. If you are more interested in the life by bygone eras, you should visit the Hallandsgården Open Air Museum, with its beautiful cultural landscape and old buildings. Or take a trip to the Garrison- and Aircraft Defence Museum to learn about Halmstad's military history. The Berte Museum and Bröderna Perssons Lanthandel take you back in time to the country life of the past. For those who like cars and engines, we recommend Svedino's Car and Aviation Museum. And for those interested in sports, Halmstad Arena is well worth a visit. Here you can see the Palmska Shield, among other memorabilia.

 Road on Glagberget riddled with trees with autumn colors

Galgberget in autumn garb

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