Late summer in Halmstad – extend the summer

Don’t for a moment think that August marks the end of summer. On the contrary, think of it as the start of a delightful period of cosy picnics, refreshing dips, pleasant evenings and long-awaited after-work gatherings. Late summer in Halmstad is all about peace and quiet, with the soft rays of the sun warming deep into the autumn.

As well as the magnificent natural surroundings waiting to be discovered, many of the area’s summer restaurants and al fresco dining experiences remain open into the autumn. Here are a few tips on how best to extend your summer in Halmstad.

Två barn springer i vattenbrynet på en strand i Halmstad

Foto: Alexander Hall

Cooling late-summer bathing

Squeeze every last drop from your summer by packing your bag for a day at the beach. Build sandcastles, search for shells, stroll along the water’s edge or take a dip in the waves. Hopefully it will still be warm enough. Halmstad has a number of lovely beaches to choose from: Tjuvahålan, Svärjarehålan or Gröningen at Östra stranden are all great if you like to take a quick dip from a jetty. Should you prefer having fun among the sand dunes, then Tylösand, Haverdal or Gullbranna will suit you perfectly. And don’t forget to pack a warm sweater and perhaps a thermos of hot chocolate, just in case the wind is on the chilly side.

 Surfer in Halmstad

Photo: Mathias Strandberg, Mostphotos

Catch a wave

Late summer and autumn also bring stronger winds, which is excellent news if you enjoy surfing. And there are numerous beaches from which to choose. If kite surfing is your thing, Påarp and Västra stranden are both good spots. Sandhamn and Görvik are now the most popular wave surfing spots in the Halmstad area for a number of reasons. If you prefer standing, Vilshärad, Haverdal and Ringenäs are usually safe bets for wind surfing, as long as the wind is blowing in the right direction. For further tips, equipment or to test a sport, contact one of our surfing experts at Kitekalle (Swe), External link, opens in new window. Ohana (Swe) External link, opens in new window. or Namasea Surf School (Swe). External link, opens in new window.

Photo: Andreas Svensson West Photo

Among the rooftops with a glass of bubbly

The feeling of sitting in one of Halmstad’s rooftop bars with a cool drink and magical views across the city is hard to beat. Rooftop bar Gretas Tak External link, opens in new window. at Hotell Mårtenson External link, opens in new window. is a playful oasis inspired by the garden parties held in the apple orchards around Halmstad. An equally obvious choice on a late-summer evening as on a crisp autumn day, wrapped in a blanket and sipping on a warming beverage.

Visit Halmstad’s second rooftop bar: Halmstad Plaza External link, opens in new window.. The terrace of this sumptuous skybar offers enchanting views across Laholm Bay.

Kompisgäng på uteservering i Halmstad

Foto: Minna Elisa

Picnic, take-away or al fresco dining

One of the simplest ways to prolong the summer is to eat dinner outdoors. Pack a picnic basket with local delicacies and spread your blanket on the rocks at Grötvik or Steninge. Or buy pizza to go and enjoy it on the beach as the sun sets into the sea – a perfect end to the day! We have collected even more picnic places on our picnic page.

Prefer dinner at a restaurant? Enjoy the last warm evenings on one of Halmstad’s restaurant terraces. Several popular restaurants in Tylösand remain open during September, including Leif´s Pizza External link, opens in new window. och Hygge External link, opens in new window. all of which are well worth a visit for a summery drink and good food. Nor should you miss Göstas Café och Restaurang, External link, opens in new window. new addition Agave Glocal External link, opens in new window. or World of Riccardo External link, opens in new window. for Italian pizza and wonderful gelato. Several city-centre restaurants continue to serve outdoors into the autumn, including the cosy Zigges Garage, External link, opens in new window. the hip Söderfamiljen, External link, opens in new window. the popular The Bulls External link, opens in new window. and the pleasant Hummër Grill & Bar. External link, opens in new window. So, you should have no problem finding a suitable al fresco dining experience during September!

Play padel at sunset

What’s not to like about exercising in the fresh air? And the experience can only be improved by wonderful views. Halmstad has a number of outdoor courts that guarantee a scenic backdrop. Ringenäs Golf Club (Swe) External link, opens in new window. has an outdoor court with fantastic sea views. There is also a nice court adjacent to Halmstad Golf Club (Swe), External link, opens in new window. while Strandtorp Padel (Swe) External link, opens in new window. has two courts on Östra stranden and HBK Padel (Swe) External link, opens in new window. has three courts at the Örjans vall sports ground on the bank of the Nissan. Once the temperature drops, you can exchange the outdoor courts for any of Halmstad’s many indoor courts.

Två personer paddlar kanot i Halmstad

Foto: Alexander Hall

Active nature experiences

As temperatures become somewhat milder and the air fresher, late summer is the ideal time for outdoor adventures in nature. Explore the beautiful Simlångsdalen by kayak or canoe. Glide serenely through the still waters, going ashore to enjoy your packed lunch at any of the charming beauty spots on the riverbank. You can rent kayaks and canoes and book courses at External link, opens in new window.

For those inclined to undertake a slightly more action-packed activity, there is Mountain Biking in Halmstad External link, opens in new window.. Sign up for a guided MTB tour through the forest or rent bikes for your own excursion. One suggestion for late summer is to explore the Kattegattleden coastal cycle path. Sweden’s first national cycle path is equally if not more beautiful at this time of year, as nature shifts towards the harvesting season. Should you be inspired to explore Halmstad and the surrounding area by bicycle, you can also rent bicycles from Kitekalle (Swe). External link, opens in new window. Tips on more bike paths can be found on our page about bike paths.

The Spa at Hotel Tylösand in Halmstad

The Spa at Hotel Tylösand. Photo: Pamela Hanne

Late summer in Tylösand

Tylösand is a very familiar name, both in Sweden and abroad. There are several reasons for this: Four kilometers of stunning beaches for swimming, hiking and cycling, a school offering sea life-rescue training, a top-class golf course, vibrant evenings with unique restaurants and After Beach bars, and last but not least, magnificent nature. It is a never ending list of things to experience. The 18-kilometer hiking path Prince Bertil’s Hiking Trail starts at Halmstad Castle and passes through Tylösand on your journey through scenic countryside. The trail ends at the Möllegård Nature Reserve. It is an easy pleasant hike with the trail offering varied scenery and historical features that are well worth a visit, no matter the season.

We have gathered together some details for three suggestions for things to do with family or friends on a late summer evening, day or weekend in Tylösand in Halmstad. A warm welcome to Tylösand!

A late summer evening

17.00 Arrive at Punch Mat & Bar (swe) External link, opens in new window. in the heart of Tylösand at 5 pm to start off your still-warm evening with a round of adventure golf, the perfect prelude to dinner. Once you’ve finished the game and are feeling ready, there’s a table set waiting for you inside the restaurant. The menu consists of Scandinavian cuisine, along with a full range of tasty pizzas.

21.00 Full and content, head to Tyludden for a leisurely evening stroll along the coastal Prince Bertil’s Hiking Trail. Sit on the rocks, and gaze out over a roaring beautiful sea and watch a magical sunset.

A late summer’s day

Crepes at restaurant Hygge in Tylösand in Halmstad

Photo: Hygge

10.00 after you have eaten a leisurely breakfast, head to Ringenäs Golf Club, one of Sweden’s most beautiful golf courses, with a total of 27 holes on three different loops, situated right by the sea and offering a breathtaking view of the Kattegat. If you prefer a game of padel instead, there is a popular outdoor court adjacent to the golf course.

12.00 After a morning on the golf course, it’s time to recharge your batteries. At Hygge (swe) External link, opens in new window. you can enjoy fantastic crêpes and galettes, featuring many of Halmstad’s and Halland’s local raw ingredients. Something new this year is a newly-built indoor dining area with a deli counter.

13.30 With food in our bellies, the day continues with an excursion to Möllegård Nature Reserve (swe). External link, opens in new window. Hike the last section of Prince Bertil’s Hiking Trail and once there, stroll through a stunning forest environment with babbling brooks and birds merrily chirping.

15.00 A perfect time for your afternoon coffee would include a visit to the nearby World of Riccardo (swe). External link, opens in new window. This is where Ricardo Boggian crafts his Italian ice cream with seasonal flavors. What was once a cow and horse stable is now a charming northern Italian-style café. You could order a tasty ice cream treat topped with a cup of premium Italian coffee.

19.00 The long day is coming to an end. Back in Tylösand, grab a table at Leif’s Pizzeria, External link, opens in new window. one of Hotel Tylösand’s restaurants. External link, opens in new window. Enjoy a beautiful sea view and choose from a variety of stone-baked pizzas.

21.00 Before rounding off the evening, take a stroll along the waterfront, relax in the sand dunes, or take a refreshing evening swim.

A late summer weekend

Tylösand strand i Halmstad

Tylösand strand. Foto. Per Nilsson


15.00 Finally it’s Friday and its 3 pm - you’ve just checked in at Tylebäck Hotel & Conference. External link, opens in new window. The hotel is in a fantastic location in the beach forest between Tylösand and Frösakull. You will find peace and quiet here, and the entire resort is surrounded by greenery.

16.00 Treat yourself to a session in Tylebäck Hotel & Conference’s (swe) External link, opens in new window. spa and lounge relaxation area. The peaceful atmosphere is special and it is easy to just “be” and enjoy the tranquility. There is a luxurious hot tub on the terrace and a sauna in the lounge relaxation area. Once you are warmed up after your bath, simply slide into one of the massage chairs and let your muscles be kneaded.

19.00 Dinner is served at the cozy Hygge (swe). External link, opens in new window. Fantastic crêpes and galettes are served here, with many of Halmstad’s and Halland’s local ingredients taking center stage.

Halmstad Wakepark

Halmstad Wakepark


10.00 After a delicious hotel breakfast, a day of new adventures awaits. Put on your swimwear and head to Halmstad Wakepark for a fast-paced experience. Experience the growing sport of wakeboarding, a combination of water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing. If you are hesitant to try standing on the board, it’s okay – it can be almost as much fun to be part of the group as a spectator.

13.00 Feeling hungry after the morning’s activities, head to Möllegård Nature Reserve (swe) External link, opens in new window. and the popular World of Riccardo (swe). External link, opens in new window. This is where pizza is served and not just any pizza. It is, of course, authentic Italian pizza baked the traditional way, in a wood-fired oven and with ingredients carefully handpicked by Riccardo himself. For example the flour comes from Padova near Venice, more precisely from the Quaglia family who have been stone milling and refining soft wheat flours for pasta, bread and cake for four generations. Finish with a short walk in the lush nature reserve.

15.00 Check in at Hotel Tylösand External link, opens in new window. and after an active day so far, it might be a good idea to round off with a visit to the hotel’s award-winning and luxurious spa, called “The Spa.” You’ll be treated to an experience that surprises, inspires and unleashes plenty of creative energy. Because it’s okay to laugh and have fun while indulging in relaxation and indulgence.

19.00 After body and soul have had a moment to relax, it’s time for dinner at Restaurang Tylöhus, External link, opens in new window. Hotel Tylösand’s External link, opens in new window. most antique restaurant. The chefs here offer a classic Swedish menu with their own twist from meticulously selected raw ingredients. You can expect an inspiring dining experience in the best West Coast setting imaginable.

Halmstad Golfklubbs restaurang

Halmstad Golfklubbs restaurang


08.00 A fantastic weekend is unfortunately drawing to a close. Be sure to linger an extra long time at the well-stocked breakfast buffet before the morning’s first stop awaits.

10.00 In Halmstad we enjoy playing golf, and now it’s your turn. Head out to the Halmstad Golf Club where there are two really superb 18-hole golf courses. Halmstad Golf Club’s North Course, with its magnificent and demanding design, is regularly named one of the best in the country in various rankings. If you are looking for a shorter course during your visit to Halmstad Golf Club, choose the South Course. Choose the one you find most appealing to you and save the other for your next visit.

13.00 At the end of the round, you’re in for a sumptuous lunch at Halmstad Golf Club’s restaurant, External link, opens in new window. a top-class restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and the best possible service. There is plenty of space for everyone to socialize, eat and drink well in a pleasant, relaxed and sporty environment.

14.00 The weekend has unfortunately come to an end, but if you want to take some of the Halland sea feeling home with you, make a last stop at the Fiskbutiken fish shop in Frösakull. Shop here for fresh fish at its best!

Mountainbike-åkare tar paus vid en Torvsjön i Halmstad

Torvsjön. Foto: Mountain Biking in Halmstad, Mikael Strand

Late summer in Simlångsdalen

In the eastern part of Halmstad you will find Simlångsdalen with its incredibly beautiful nature. In addition to several nature reserves, there are dozens of hiking trails that lead through wild nature, along beautiful lakes and through magical fairy-tale forests. The hiking area is divided into two areas. A northern area starting from the old Simlången farm in Gyltige. And a southern area where most of the hiking trails are accessed from the Brearedsjön swimming beach, next to Vargaslätten. In addition to the hiking trails below, the Hallandsleden, Hylteleden and Banvallsleden trails also run through Simlångsdalen.

We have gathered together three tips on what you might find interesting to do with family or friends on a late summer evening, day or weekend in Simlångsdalen in Halmstad. A warm welcome to Simlångsdalen.

A late summer evening

Friends cooking outside

Matlagningskurs mitt i naturen med Niklas på Photo. Alexander Hall

16.00 The evening starts in the afternoon when you meet up with Niklas at External link, opens in new window. for a truly personalized nature adventure. The experience starts with kayaking in idyllic Simlången, known as a “wilderness paradise.” If you haven’t brought your own kayak, Niklas offers kayak rentals and introductory as well as advanced courses for those who want to expand their abilities and become more comfortable out on the water.

18.00 After a peaceful kayaking excursion, you will certainly be in the mood for some yummy food, and why not cook it together? The evening continues with a meal experience in the spirit of nature where the raw ingredients of Halland are utilized in the most natural way. Together with Niklas of External link, opens in new window. you will cook your food over an open fire while Niklas shares his techniques and tricks for balancing flavors. Dinner, well, you enjoy it together before the sun disappears over the horizon.

Get in touch with Niklas at External link, opens in new window. for more information and reservations. This is one suggestion, however Niklas will personalize and make a package just for you and your group according to your interests and the season.

21.00 After a tasty dinner, it can be nice to let your body unwind. Enjoy a warming sauna and swim at Tallhöjdens Värdshus (swe). External link, opens in new window. Or finish with a leisurely stroll along the Brearedssjön, where you might even venture out for a refreshing evening dip in the freshwater lake?

A late summer’s day

Danska fall i Halmstad

Danska fall

09.00 Pack your breakfast and head to the beautiful nature reserve Gårdshult. External link, opens in new window. Walk the Gårdshult trail and experience a magical cultural landscape reminiscent of Astrid Lindgren’s films. At the mighty waterfall Danska Falls, set out breakfast and enjoy the porridge from the fall.

11.00 It is now time for a guided tour of the self-sufficient farm Paulsson Paleo. External link, opens in new window. Cecilia, Catharina and Simon live here with their family. Their goal is to become completely self-sufficient in both meat and vegetables, and they also want to spread awareness of a healthier lifestyle through Stone Age diets, yoga and barefoot running in the woods. Join them on a 45-minute guided tour where they talk about farming techniques, animal husbandry, diet and lifestyle. Also, take the opportunity to pop into the small farm shop and buy their home-grown vegetables.

12.00 Lunch of the day is served at Nicola’s Café External link, opens in new window. just outside Simlångsdalen. Sit down in the soothing garden and enjoy a light homemade lunch. Here you can also challenge each other to a game of mini golf, take a walk in the cozy surroundings or have a coffee.

14.00 With some food in your belly and renewed energy, it’s time for your next adventure - from the saddle of your bike. Hire mountain bikes through Mountain Biking in Halmstad External link, opens in new window. and explore Simlångsdalen on your own or with a guide for the best gems along the way and tips on how to improve your cycling.

18.00 The day ends with a dinner at Tallhöjdens Värdshus (swe). External link, opens in new window. Typical Halland and Swedish flavors such as wild boar, elder, venison, salmon and kale are served. The menu follows the seasons and has many local tasty elements of nature.

A late summer weekend

 Family in the forest by Danish Falls

In the forest by Danska fall. Photo: Per Nilsson


16.00 Start your weekend by checking in at the nature-friendly Tallhöjdens Värdshus (swe), External link, opens in new window. located in the heart of Simlångsdalen. The unique decor together with the Halland food with several elements of nature will give you an authentic and unique experience.

17.00 Before it’s time for dinner, put on your walking shoes and set off on an easy hike to one of Halmstad’s most visited sites, Danska Falls. The powerful waterfall has a total fall height of 36 meters. Settle in for a moment of recuperation to the sound of the rushing rapids and enjoy the light seeping through the magical arches of the beech trees.

19.00 Back at the hotel, a local drinks tasting awaits with neighboring Breared Brewery (swe). External link, opens in new window. Taste your way through delicious beers along with some accompaniments.

20.00 After the beer tasting, it’s time for a genuine dining experience. Tallhöjdens Värdshus (swe) External link, opens in new window. restaurant serves typical Halland and Swedish tastes such as wild boar, elder, venison, salmon or kale. The menu follows the seasons and has many local tasty elements of nature.

Vargaslätten in Halmstad

Vargaslätten. Photo: Judit Hetzold


08.00 Start the day early with a lovely hotel breakfast to gather energy for the day’s adventure.

09.00 Bring your fishing rods and head to Vinnalt, External link, opens in new window. just north of Simlångsdalen. Here, nature and fishing are the focus and you can fish with a casting rod or fly rod in their calm waters. Various fishing packages, courses and overnight accommodations in beautiful surroundings are offered here. If you prefer to fish in one of Simlångsdalen’s other lakes, rent a rowing boat or fishing kayak and go in search of everything from trout to perch.

12.00 Leave within Tallhöjdens Värdshus External link, opens in new window. and pick up your pre-ordered picnic basket which is available in two different varieties, forest or sea/green. Take the basket up to the stunning Klövaberget to enjoy lunch with stunning views followed by a scenic walk.

14.00 A visit to Vargaslätten, or rather the newly opened Sigfrid Ericsson Museum, awaits, where you will learn about the history and the person behind the mythical forest garden Vargaslätten. Take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Gerbianska Garden, run by Dutch gardener Gerben Tjeerdsma. Browse through hundreds of plants from the plant shop and nursery.

17.00 Find tranquility in the forest glade. After an educational visit to the Vargaslätten, head up to Paulsson Paleo External link, opens in new window. to check in for the night. Cecilia, Catharina and Simon live here with their family. Their goal is to become completely self-sufficient in both meat and vegetables, and they also want to spread awareness of a healthier lifestyle through Stone Age diets, yoga and barefoot running in the woods.

18.00 A busy day ends with a nice excursion to Halmstad city. Have dinner at one of the many restaurants, preferably on a sunny outdoor terrace. Some tips are Hummër Grill and Bar (swe), External link, opens in new window. Bisto Jarlen (swe) External link, opens in new window. or The Bull´s (swe). External link, opens in new window. Enjoy the buzz of the city before it’s time to head back to Simlångsdalen where the rustle of the trees and the murmur of the streams will lull you to a good night’s sleep.

Gyltinge in Halmstad

Gyltinge. Photo: Åse Ahlstrand


08.00 You wake up to the happy chirping of birds and settle down in the lush garden for the farm’s delicious breakfast of home-baked gluten-free bread with spreads and seasonal vegetables, boiled farm eggs, organic yoghurt with berries and coffee or tea.

09.00 After breakfast trail running with Simon awaits. He has been running since his teens when he competed in athletics but nowadays running is more meditative than competitive. Join us for a technical challenge or a relaxing jog (whichever suits you best) through the spectacular forests of Simlångsdalen. If you’re more into hiking, a tip is to set off on a trip along one of Gyltinge’s four hiking trails. You can choose from a wide range of trails of varying lengths and difficulty. Perhaps you’ll even venture out for a dip in the lake?

13.00 A busy weekend ends with a cozy excursion to Ulvered’s Deer Park, External link, opens in new window. where you can expect a unique dining experience. You will sit here throughout the meal with a view of the forest and the deer herd. You can also shop for delicacies in the farm shop so you can continue to enjoy your experience after arriving home.

Friends in park in Halmstad

Photo: Minna Elisa

Late summer in the city

We’ve gathered together three suggestions on what to do with family or friends on a late summer evening, day or weekend in Halmstad city. We warmly welcome you here!

A late summer evening

Asian Bank Office in Halmstad

Asian Bank Office

17.00 You start the evening by heading up to the newly opened rooftop bar, Greta’s Roof, External link, opens in new window. located at the top of Hotel Mårtenson. External link, opens in new window. Here, amidst rooftop sofas and bubbly cocktails, you’ll toast to another fantastic late summer evening.

18.30 Before settling down to dinner, take the opportunity to enjoy the last of the lovely fresh evening air with a walk along the Nissan River. You can stroll around at your own pace and watch the last rays of the sun beautifully reflected in the water. If you want to go immerse yourself in the nature, you can follow the Hiking along the Nissan River map, available digitally or at the Halmstad Tourist Center at Fredsgatan.

19.30 Dinner is approaching and you make your way to the Asian Bank Office. External link, opens in new window. You can expect an Asian fusion concept here, just perfect for the times. The appealing shared dishes are a delight to the eye and palate alike. And doesn’t the food taste better when you experience it with someone else? The philosophy here is based on working with the best locally produced ingredients possible in harmony with exciting Asian flavors. One tip is to try the Japanese tradition of omakase, which means lets the chef decide. Omakase simply means “'I’ll leave it up to you!”.

A late summer’s day

Cortado Coffee Shop in Halmstad

Cortado Coffee Shop

09.00 Start the day with a fantastic breakfast at Cortado Coffee Shop (swe). External link, opens in new window. You can choose from their various breakfast options or simply opt for their breakfast deal where you get a jumble of several breakfast favorites.

10.00 Full and satisfied, you now set off for the morning’s activity, an art walk in the city. The Art Map (available at the Halmstad Tourist Center) is readily at hand so you can easily guide your way and read about all the great artworks. Take the opportunity to stop by the Halland Art Museum, Halmstad’s regional center for visual culture, which offers a wide range of exhibitions and exciting programs. Its location, situated on the banks of the River Nissan, adds to the experience.

13.00 Lunch is served at the cozy salad bar Gastro Grön (swe) External link, opens in new window. inside Drottning Kristina Passagen. Choose from a variety of fresh salads and let your taste buds enjoy how good a simple salad can be.

14.30 pm After lunch, a challenging and exciting experience awaits as you try out stand up paddleboarding, in Nissan under the guidance of KiteKalle’s (swe) External link, opens in new window. knowledgeable staff. While enjoying nature and adventure on the water, you’ll actually practice strength, agility and balance, almost without noticing it.

16.00 Physical activity gets your tummy churning. Sit down at Skånskans (swe) External link, opens in new window. or Brooktorpsgården’s cozy outdoor cafés for a late-night coffee. Take a stroll around Halmstad city centre and then follow the quayside promenade towards the sea, passing Halmstad Castle on the way.

19.30 A fantastic day is coming to an end and along the quayside promenade you’ll find Söderfamiljen (swe) External link, opens in new window. restaurant, a small family-run neighborhood restaurant offering a great atmosphere and food inspired by what nature has to offer at the moment. They have a sustainability consciousness and cook with locally produced, organic, high quality ingredients. A super selection of local beers and well-chosen wines. Sometimes tapas, sometimes a more traditional menu with freshly baked råraka (crispy potato and fish cakes), fine bacon-topped saithe with mashed potatoes, kale and pickled lingonberries. Delicious, rich and generous bouillabaisse.

A late summer weekend


16.00 You have just arrived and checked in at the new Halmstad Plaza Hotel, External link, opens in new window. located right next to the Resecentrum. With 242 rooms over 14 floors, the Angelini restaurant External link, opens in new window. and a sky bar with a rooftop terrace offering views of the sea, the hotel is sure to become a new and distinctive landmark in Halmstad.

18.00 You’ll be keen to see the city, so take a stroll inside for dinner at Halmstad’s largest outdoor restaurant, The Bulls (swe), External link, opens in new window. for good food and drink. There you spend the evening relaxing in the glorious evening sun. As the evening draws to a close, you finish with a stroll along the Nissan, check out our walk along the Nissan, available at the Halmstad Tourist Center at Fredsgatan.

View of the sea from Prins Bertil's trail in Halmstad

Prins Bertils trail


08.00 After a good night’s sleep, start the day with a big and delicious breakfast buffet before setting off to explore one of Halmstad’s most beautiful hiking trails, Prince Bertil’s Trail through scenic countryside.. The walk starts at Halmstad Castle, follows the quayside of the Nissan to Småbåtshamnen and then continues along the coast towards Tylösand and Möllegård.

10.00 A new adventure awaits at Västra stranden beach, as this is a popular spot for kite surfing. Using a surfboard and kite, you harness the power of the wind to propel you at high speed on the water and in the air! In recent years, the sport has taken off and is very popular here in Halmstad as well. KiteKalle’s (swe) External link, opens in new window. knowledgeable staff will help you with equipment and instructions.

13.00 Now is the time to recharge your batteries. Take a seat at Söderpiren, a café located on Västra stranden beach with a magical view of the sea. Order one of their hot sandwiches, or perhaps a fresh salad to accompany a freshly made smoothie, lemonade, coffee. Or perhaps you’d prefer an iced coffee, considering the late summer heat.

14.00 Take the Prince Bertil’s Hiking Trail back towards the city. Stroll around the shops, restaurants and cafés and enjoy a vibrant city. Buy wonderfully delicious gelato at World of Riccardo’s (swe) External link, opens in new window. little ice cream café. Take your ice cream to Norre Katts Park to enjoy on a bench, amidst all the greenery and views of Nissan and Rotundan (swe). External link, opens in new window. Or sit down inside the café, the ice cream tastes fantastic - whatever the weather and wherever you are!

16.00 Surely padel must be the trendiest sport right now? That’s why an hour of padel is now on your schedule. At Örjans vall there are three outdoor courts where you can play in the lovely weather, in a cozy scenic setting.

19.00 It’s dinnertime and Zigges Garage Restaurang & Tapasbar (swe) External link, opens in new window. is waiting for you. Overlooking the Nissan, enjoy tapas and pintxos made with love and innovative cocktails stirred to perfection. A homely and super friendly place, with food and beverages unlike anywhere else.

21.00 You’ve had a long day of adventure and now it’s time to end it on the ninth floor of Halmstad Plaza. External link, opens in new window. A delicious sky bar awaits you, filled with well-deserved drinks where the terrace offers magical views and vistas of Laholm Bay.

Halmstad Castle

Halmstad Castle


10.00 After a leisurely Sunday breakfast or brunch, it’s time for a historical city walk, first pick up a map at the Halmstad Tourist Center or download it digitally. The city walk will give you in-depth knowledge of Halmstad’s history and will take you to Halmstad Castle, Norre Port and St. Nikolai Church, among other places.

12.00 You decide to dedicate the day to history and therefore choose to go up to Galgberget, a green little oasis with exciting history, just a stone’s throw from the city centre. But first you stop at the Hello take away External link, opens in new window. to buy your lunch of the day. Once at Galgberget, sit down at the lookout and enjoy your picnic to a beautiful view of Halmstad.

13.00 Check out the Hallandsgården open-air museum, a natural destination for those who want to experience life as it used to be once upon a time. Stroll around the buildings from the 18th century onwards as well as enjoy exploring the cultivated plants growing around the buildings, including Portland roses, herbs and humulus lupulus (otherwise known as hops). During the summer, the museum is staffed and the buildings are open, but even if they have already closed, it’s definitely worth a visit!

14.00 Continue with a leisurely walk in the beautiful beech and mixed forest of Galgberget, which is slowly changing into the vibrant colors of autumn. End the day with a visit to the Observation Tower for one final look over Halmstad before heading back home.

Beech forest on Galgberget in Halmstad

Beech forest on Galgberget

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