Water sports

Keep the adrenaline pumping by going kitesurfing in Påarp or wakeboarding in Grötvik. Catch your breath in a sea kayak with a trip to Tylön, or on a stand-up paddle board while peacefully gliding through the waters of the River Nissan.

The sea is powerful, at times featuring stormy waves and other times completely still. However, one thing is certain – the sea and the coast offer much more than just sun and bathing. Here you can also find pulse-increasing activities and adrenaline kicks, or just calm.


In the old Grötvik quarry you will find Halmstad Wake Park. Here you can try the growing sport of wakeboard, a combination of water skiing and snowboarding on water. There are staff available with instructions for beginners as well as for elite wakeboarders.

Anyone looking for fast-paced activity just has to make a stop here! If you don’t dare to try standing up on the board, it’s almost as fun to be part of it as a spectator. Make a booking at Halmstad Wake Park.

Kanotister i en sjö i Halmstad

Foto. Alexander Hall

Kayaking and canoeing

Enjoy the bobbing of the waves and the rays of the sun while you paddle along the beaches, cliffs and nature reserves along Halmstad’s beautiful coast. Take a trip along the Nissan and experience Halmstad from a whole new perspective, or venture out into one of Halmstad's freshwater lakes. Canoeing can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity for the whole family or a real adrenaline kick if you’re looking for excitement. For beginners, there are plenty of courses and if you don’t have the right equipment with you on holiday, you can hire it in Halmstad. You can hire canoes and kayaks from Halmstad canoe rental at Slottsmöllan, Go nature, Tallhöjden, flyta.nu (Swe) External link, opens in new window. and Halmstad Canoe Club. On Västra stranden and in the city centre close to Wrangelsbron you can find vending machines for kayaking and SUP rental. Book via kayakomat.com.

Surfing of all kinds

There is plenty of water and wind along Halmstad’s long coast, making it a great option if you want to try some kind of surfing. There are several nice coves perfectly situated for wind, wave and kite surfing. Visit one of our surfing specialists – Ohana, Namasea Surf School, Söderpiren or Kitekalle – to hire equipment or register for a course. Prepare for a day of real adrenaline kicks. Our local surfers say that Sandhamn is the best place for surfing waves. If you want to kite surf instead, we recommend Påarp.

Kitesurfare i Halmstad

Foto: Kitekalle

Stand up paddleboarding

If you’ve never tried stand up paddleboarding, or SUP as it’s also known, it’s high time. In Halmstad it’s very popular and you can see surfers on the Nissan, Fylleån and the Kattegat.

With its Amazon-like environment where branches stretch out over the water and rocks stick out, Fylleån is a genuine SUP challenge. Or why not paddle out on the sea to Tylön for a picnic overlooking the long sandy beach at Tylösand? Just check that you are allowed to go ashore – the bird life in Tylön is sensitive and no access is allowed to large parts of the island from April to mid-July. For people who prefer a quieter trip, we recommend a tour on the Nissan. Contact Kitekalle or Söderpiren to hire equipment or reserve a guide. In Tylösand and Vilshärad there are also vending machines for kayaking and SUP rental. Book via kayakomat.com.


Get your diving mask on and discover the world under the surface! Try the 200 metre-long underwater snorkelling trail at Svärjarehålan. Among the different types of beautiful seaweed is a wonderful underwater forest rich in wildlife. Along the snorkelling trail you will find signs to guide you through the most common species you may encounter during your trip. A freer snorkelling trip, and just as interesting, is a tour along the long coastline of Halmstad.

Trampbåt i Halmstad

Foto: Pelican Rainbow

Pedal boats

Take the opportunity to explore central Halmstad from Nissan. In summer there is the opportunity to rent a pedal boat and glide around on the water, a perfect activity for a group of friends or family. Treading upstream or out to sea, regardless, gives a little foreign feeling. The rental is located on the quay at Hamngatan 13 and is open daily during the summer. Pre-book on +46706‑42 45 44 to secure your place or take a chance and go straight there.

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