Swimming in pools

In Halmstad, a dip in the sea is a natural thing. However, if you want to swim in a pool, the options are just as good. We have salt water pools, amusement parks and indoor pools.

Get your swimsuit on and take a dip. Inside or out. Fresh water or salt water. Quiet or adventurous. No matter what you like, there's something for you here.

Halmstad Arena Baths – Fun indoor swimming pool

Halmstad Arena Baths offer great opportunities for an entire day of fun, play and exercise. How about water slides, diving towers, water pistes, water chutes, whirlpools and a children's area for smaller kids? Under the same roof there is also an exercise pool and a wellness area with a gym and a café.
The adventure pools are the place for people with lots of energy, regardless of age. The 37ºC water in the whirlpool is ideal for relaxing. At Halmstad Arena Baths, it’s always pleasantly warm, whatever the weather.

Brottet – pools with a taste of the sea

The Brottet swimming baths is an outdoor swimming pool with a feel of the sea, located right next to the sea. There are beautiful views of Tylö Bay here. Bathe in freshwater pools and go down the water slides. The facility has three pools: one 50-metre pool and two smaller pools, one of which is designed for small children.

If anyone in the family has a lot of energy, there are a lot of grassy areas to play in. The facility is Halmstad's largest outdoor swimming pool. There is a lift to the pool with disabled access and disabled toilets. All pools contain temperate seawater, with depths ranging from 10 to 180 centimetres. The baths are open during the summer and entrance is free.

Freshwater pools in the open air

In Getinge and Oskarström there are two smaller baths, each with a 50-metre freshwater pool. Admission to both baths is free, and they are open during the summer.

Furulund Baths are centrally located in Oskarström, about 18 kilometres north of Halmstad along Nissanstigen, Route 26. The 50-metre pool has a secluded section for swimming and swimming lessons. There is also a children's pool at a depth of around 35 centimetres. The water is temperate in all the pools. The baths also have a kiosk, a children's playground and changing rooms.

Getinge baths are located in Getinge, about 15 kilometres north of Halmstad. The 50-metre pool has a 3-metre diving tower and a 1-metre springboard. The large pool has a reserved area for swimming lessons, as well as a separate children's pool at a depth of 75 to 90 centimetres. The water is temperate in all the pools. Basic changing rooms are available.

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