Surfing in Halmstad

In Halmstad we have plenty of long coastal strips with shallow waters and sandy seabeds, as well as a few sheltered bays with rocky surroundings.

In other words, wind and water are in abundance along Halmstad’s long coastline, which is ideal for those who enjoy wave surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing. And there are numerous beaches from which to choose. We offer a few tips below on some good spots for surfers!

For more tips and recommendations on equipment or places where you can try out surfing, visit one of our surfing experts. At the bottom of the page you will find a list of Halmstad’s surfing experts and a map of surfing spots.

 Surfers carry their kite on a beach in Halmstad

Photo. Kitekalle


With a surfboard and a kite you can harness the power of the wind to propel yourself forwards at high speed on the water and up into the air! The sport has become increasingly popular in recent years, and this is also true here in Halmstad. It’s not surprising considering Halmstad’s prime location for surfing.

Påarp – south-westerly, westerly and north-westerly winds

A large bay with a sandy seabed that has calm water along the shore and slightly larger waves further out in high winds. Perfect for beginners and experienced kitesurfers alike. In addition to Påarp being a great kitesurfing spot, there are good free camping opportunities for tents or motorhomes/caravans. In the summertime, there is also access to water and outdoor toilets.

West Beach, also called Doggen – south-westerly or westerly winds

A popular kitesurfing spot close to town is Västra stranden beach. Its shallow seabed and open sandy beach attract many a kitesurfer. On the beach you will find Söderpiren, which operates a café and restaurant and rents out surfing equipment. There is also plenty of space to park your car.

 Surf instructor shows group on the beach

Photo: Namaste

Wave surfing

To surf with a regular board the wind must be just right, since we don’t have any natural swells. This means that to catch good waves you will need to be both patient and flexible in your planning. To catch really good waves, the wind must have blown at least 10 m/s for a few hours – which isn’t unusual for Halmstad!

Sandhamn and Görvik – north-westerly winds

Sandhamn and Görvik have become the most popular places for wave surfers in the Halmstad area – for many reasons. When north-westerly winds blow, the waves roll consistently in, but you are nevertheless protected from the strongest gusts. The seabed can be uneven and rocky, so be careful!

To get here from the town centre, drive towards Tylösand along Nya Tylösandsvägen until you see one of the signs pointing towards Sandhamn or Görvik.

East Beach – westerly and north-westerly winds

Just five kilometres from the town centre, East Beach is easy to get to and offers good wave surfing. For the best waves, we can recommend the northern part of the beach. Östra stranden beach has shallow water with a sandy seabed. This is the perfect spot for less experienced surfers! There is also plenty of parking next to the beach.

 Two windsurfers out at sea

Photo: Mathias Strandberg, Mostphotos


Stand on the board and let the wind do the work! Although, that’s probably easier said than done. But with the right conditions, you can reach really high speeds as you fly across the water. Read below for two excellent tips on good windsurfing spots in Halmstad.

Vilshärad and Haverdal – south-westerly winds

When strong westerly winds are blowing, Vilshärad and Haverdal are usually a sure bet for windsurfing. The waters along the three-kilometre beach are shallow with a sandy seabed. In other words, there is plenty of room here for many windsurfers. There is also plenty of space to park your car.

Ringenäs – north-westerly winds

A popular spot for windsurfers when the winds are blowing. There is parking near the beach so you can easily bring your equipment. The waters along Ringenäs Beach are shallow with a sandy seabed. But be careful you don’t cross into the military firing range north of the beach.

 Kitesurfer seen from the beach

Photo: Kitekalle

Tips, equipment and courses

Visit one of our surfing experts: Kitekalle (Swe) External link, opens in new window., Ohana (Swe), External link, opens in new window. Namasea surfskola (Swe) External link, opens in new window. or Söderpiren for tips, equipment rentals, or to register for a surfing course. Get ready for a day full of adrenaline!

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