Brottet swimming baths

The Brottet swimming baths is a pool with a feeling of the sea located right next to the sea along the road between Halmstad City and Tylösand. Here, you can take a dip in the freshwater in the outdoor pools.

Go for a swim in the 50-metre pool and rest in the lush green area while feeling the grass between your toes. There are two smaller pools for playing, one of which is for younger children. If you’re feeling adventurous, there is a waterslide on hand. Water aerobics is arranged a few times a year. Passes are free of charge and you only have to show up.

The facility, which is Halmstad's largest outdoor swimming pool, has a lift adapted for people with disabilities, as well as disabled toilets. All pools contain temperate freshwater, with depths ranging from 10-180 cm. The baths are open during the summer and entrance is free.

Brottet is the home of SK Laxen swimming club during the summer. SK Laxen runs a kiosk and offers changing rooms, a sauna and hot showers for a small fee. The facility hosted the Swedish swimming championships in 1999, 2007, 2011 and 2013. At the meet in 1999, Anna-Karin Kammerling broke the 50 m butterfly world record.

 View of audience sea at concert at Simstadion Brottet

Concert venue

Since 2011, the Halmstad Sports Car event has been held every year at Brottet. The arena is also used as a concert venue. Acts performing here include Gyllene Tider, Ulf Lundell and Lars Winnerbäck.

An old quarry

The Brottet (Quarry) swimming baths received its name from the quarrying activities here. Quarrying started in 1837, when the site was known as Kohallsklippan. The large gneiss-blocks were transported out to a stone pier, which has since washed away. They were then transported further on barges. From 1910, the water-filled quarry was used for swimming competitions. In 1932, quarrying activities ceased, and SK Laxen swimming club was founded the same year.

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