Svärjarehålan beach

Svärjarehålan is a beach accessible to people with disabilities, with rocks, sand, grassed areas and Halland’s first snorkelling trail. Prince Bertil's Trail passes the beach.

Around the grassed areas, wide cement paths lead right down to the sea. The bathing area has been designed in collaboration with disability organisations, in order to meet everyone's needs as effectively as possible. In the service building there are well-proportioned changing areas, toilets, showers, an emergency telephone, a first-aid box and a kiosk. The beach is also equipped with lifebuoys and a lifeboat.
Here, you can park your car in a pleasant shady location in one of the 18 disabled spaces. Everyone is welcome to Svärjarehålan, but as a visitor you are encouraged to take special care and allow room for guests with disabilities.

Snorkelling trail

Svärjarehålan also has Halland’s first snorkelling trail, where you can discover life beneath the surface along a 200-metre route. Ten underwater signs provide information about some of the most common species you may encounter under the water.

Water quality and temperature

On the website of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, during the bathing season you can see the current forecast, with water quality, algae formation and water temperature of the official bathing beaches.

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