Steninge beach

A small sandy beach with surrounding cliffs and part of the heart of Steninge. The beach is ideal for families, with excellent opportunities for crab fishing.

At Steninge you will find a unique bathing area appreciated by both adults and children. There are two smaller sandy beaches with dunes for those who like to feel the sand between their toes. If you like to be active during a day at the beach there is a volleyball net you can use to play.

Ett barn fiskar krabbor på piren i Steninge

Foto: Anders Andersson

The Pier, Stora skär and Lilla skär

Although what makes Steninge’s bathing area unique is its pier which divides the sea out to the island of Stora Skär. Along the pier, many visitors come to catch the crabs hiding among the rocks. Along the pier is a bathing area with a ladder leading down into the water. Once you are on Stora Skär, you have plenty of space to both swim and sunbathe. Take your snorkelling equipment with you and discover all the life beneath the surface of the rocky seaweed sea bed.

View of the Steninge Coast with flowering drift

Photo: Patrik Leonardsson

More about Steninge

Längs kustlandskapet vid Steninge strand finns fantastiska vandringar i Steninge naturreservatet, både norr och söder om stranden. Ta med dig en picknickkorg en sen sommarkväll, sätt dig på en klippa och njut av en fantastisk solnedgång. I Steninge erbjuds också härliga restauranger och aktiviteter både till havs och på land. Läs mer om Steninge i vår Steningeguide.

Water quality and temperature

On the website of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, during the bathing season you can see the current forecast, with water quality, algae formation and water temperature of the official bathing beaches.

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