Freshwater bathing in lakes

The many beautiful beaches of Halmstad are well-known. Something else we love and have plenty of is lakes. There are over 120 beautiful lakes available to discover. We’ve chosen seven favourites that are perfect excursion destinations. Around many of them are wonderful beaches, piers, walking trails, boat hire, barbecue areas and diving towers.

Most lakes are also excellent places for fishing. Read more about fishing waters in our fishing guide.

The lakes of Simlångsdalen

In the legendary and scenic Simlångsdalen, the River Fylleån has created a long and narrow system of lakes. North of Simlångsdalen, at Mahult, you will find Gyltigesjön. There is a beautiful beach and two barbecue areas, as well as marked hiking trails in the forest. Immediately south you will find the long and narrow Simlången and Brearedssjön. By Bredaredssjön there are parking spaces, a bathing bay with a jetty, a barbecue area and an outside toilet adapted for use by the disabled. The beaches are both quiet and child-friendly. There is also the option of hiring boats, kayaks or canoes and exploring the lake from a new perspective. Jumping into the water from a boat is always fun! You can hire kayaks and canoes from Tallhöjden and Vinnalt Event.

Torvsjön and Toftasjön

West of Simlångsdalen, at Marbäck, we have Torvsjön and the smaller Toftasjön. Both are excellent choices for swimmers. Guests have access to beach swimming, barbecue areas, a jetty and hiking trails around the lakes and nearby forests. If you need a short break from the beach and swimming, walk along the trail and explore the area around the lake. If you spend a whole day at these places, it's easy to buy something to barbecue in one of the barbecue areas.

Stora Skärsjön and Tostarpasjön

Stora Skärsjön and the smaller Tostarpasjön are close to Tönnersjö. The smaller nature of Tostarpasjön means that it warms up quickly on a hot summer day. Both have access to a swimming platform so you can jump into the glossy water. The lakes are located close to Halmstad Tönnersjö golf course, which makes it convenient to cool off in them after a good round of golf.

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