The Tylösand Lifeguards

Every day, from Midsummer to mid-August, the Tylösand Lifeguards are on hand to ensure the safety of all the beach’s bathers. And they’ve been doing that job ever since 1960.

When the Tylösand Lifeguards were created, the locality became the first in Sweden to have a guarded beach, setting an example for the many that soon followed suit. Today, the station is a lifeguard mecca for many in the profession and a national hub for lifeguarding. One of the reasons for this is the Lifeguard School, the only school in Sweden that offers sea lifeguard training.

 Lifeguard in Tylösand in Halmstad

Photo: The lifeguards in Tylösand

A completely average day – as a lifeguard

Every summer, nearly 100 sea lifeguards and trainers come to Tylösand to work and live together at the lifeguard station. A normal work day is staffed by 18 people and starts with a morning workout or an incident exercise.

After that, half of the lifeguards take off down to the beach, while the rest spend most of the day taking care of the station’s lifesaving equipment and material. If the alarm goes off, everyone gathers at the Lifeguard Tower for further instructions. At 18:00 the work day ends and then it’s time for the obligatory evening dip.

A great sense of community

People from all over the country, and sometimes even from our Scandinavian neighbours, flock to Tylösand to spend the summer as a lifeguard. Often they are between the ages of 18-20 and are still studying, but the station is just as likely to attract lifeguards with regular professions such as lawyer, teacher, carpenter and policeman.

All the lifeguards are unpaid volunteers, and yet many return year after year. The reason for this has much to do with the atmosphere in Tylösand, one of Sweden’s most popular beaches, but perhaps the primary attraction is the sense of community that arises when you live, eat and work so closely with others – every day of the week. It’s impossible to describe the unique atmosphere and camaraderie that this creates.

Do you want to spend an active summer as a lifeguard in Halmstad? Read more about sea lifeguard training and work at (Swe). External link, opens in new window.

The lifeguard tower in Tylösand in Halmstad at sunset

Photo: Rolf Boström, Mostphotos

Nippers & Swimming School

On Sundays in July and mid-August, children and adolescents aged 3-18 can come to learn basic lifesaving skills. The children train in all weather, on the beach and in the sea, and learn how to stay safe in the water, paddleboard or handle a lifebuoy. In July, the Tylösand Lifeguards will also offer swimming school in Tjuvahålan.

Lifeguard Day

Lifeguard Day is an annual summertime event at which you can learn about how the various emergency services in the community cooperate and how a rescue operation is carried out, among other things. Firefighters, paramedics and sea rescue teams are usually on hand to show people of all ages what their equipment looks like. Simply put, it’s a very enjoyable and popular family activity! Keep an eye out for this year’s date in our event calendar (Swe).

The beach in Tylösand in Halmstad, with the lifeguard tower.

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