Saltwater bathing with your dog

Halmstad has a number of wonderful bays where you can swim with your dog. You and your four-legged friend are welcome to visit beaches that are not official bathing areas all year round.

Tips for bathing with your dog on natural beaches

  • Västra stranden
  • Sandhamn
  • Grötvik
  • Långenäsviken
  • Skallkroken
  • Skälvik
  • Lövehall
  • Krokstensviken
  • Båtaviken
  • Jansa jetty
  • Särdal
  • Haverdal södra


In the unofficial bathing areas and natural beaches, your dog can swim and play on the beach all year round. You are allowed to take your dog down to the official bathing areas between 16 September and 30 April. Read more about rules for dogs on the Halmstad municipality website.

Between March 1 and August 20, you must in most cases have your dog on a leash. Halmstad Municipality uses the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's interpretation of the law on the supervision of cats and dogs, which means that if a dog is to be prevented from running loose, it must, in most cases, be kept on a leash. It also states that "in practice, if the dog is loose, it must not be more than a few meters away from you. You need to have such control over your dog that it corresponds to an invisible leash".

Even at other times of the year, dogs must be kept under sufficient control to prevent them from harassing wildlife. Make sure to show respect for other people and animals as you play and cool down.

The sea around Halmstad is salt sea water. Make sure your dog does not drink too much seawater and remember to take a shower with your dog afterwards. If there is algae in the water, your dog should not take a swim.

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