Superb day trips on foot

Halmstad has many fine paths and trails you will want to stroll along. There is great beauty to discover – surging waterfalls, sun-drenched forest clearings, wide-stretching marshes, broad-leaved deciduous forests and steep hillsides.

Pack a picnic basket, lace on your walking shoes and head out on a full day’s challenge or an invigorating breath of fresh air. The choice is entirely yours! With or without Nordic walking poles, fast or slow, with a dog or with a friend...

City walks

Galgberget – several paths

A twenty-minute walk from Halmstad City, the Galgberget hill pokes its head above the surroundings. This leafy oasis offers fun, history and exercise. Try out some of its paths and exercise circuits with the fantastic view across Halmstad and the bay (Laholmsbukten) ever present.

The Health trail is one of the many to choose from here. It is four-kilometres long and passes sights such as the Hallandsgården open-air complex and the viewing tower.

The Fylleå trail, 6 km

Wander along the scenic Fylleån river. Measuring some 6 km, the trail runs all the way between Fyllebro and Brogård. Most of it is dirt but, passing through gates, some of it traverses pasture land. There are signposts and benches at selected points along the route. The area around the watercourse has major habitat values and is covered by several protection regulations, Natura 2000 included therein.

Coastal day-long walks

Prince Bertil’s trail, 18 km

An exciting day awaits you on Prince Bertil’s trail – a marvellous mix of nature and heritage along an 18-km coastal path. The trail starts at Halmstad Castle and ends at Möllegård. On the way, you pass imposing cliffs, fishing bays and coastal forests. You may even spot some elusive birds. A unique rhododendron park and many tucked-away gems are just waiting for you to discover them. The trail is named after Prince Bertil. He and his wife, Princess Lilian, were duke and duchess of Halland.

Haverdal nature reserve

“Troll pines”, needle-strewn paths, coastal heath and high sand dunes – a wander in the Haverdal nature reserve is never boring, regardless of whether you are cycling or on foot. We recommend scaling Lynga sand dune, which rises 36 metre above sea level. It is Scandinavia’s highest sand dune and offers amazing views across forest and sea.

Möllegård nature reserve, 1.7 and 2.5 km

Several trails run through the Möllegård nature reserve. At around 2.5 km, the Möllegård circuit is an easy trail that takes about one hour to walk. A shorter (1.7 km) “yellow” trail and a short riding path can also be found here. Prince Bertil’s trail is another to pass through the area. Do not miss the protected pasqueflower, which blooms in May.

Dense forests

The Långhult hills, 4 km

A slightly more difficult, 4-km wilderness trail over hills, heaths and marshes. Boots and strong legs may be required! Also on offer is a walk across open land where elk and black grouse may be found. When the bog asphodel blooms in July, the marshes seem almost to be on fire.

Danska Fall, 2.4 km

Danska Fall is a historic nature reserve that attracts many inquisitive visitors. A 2.4-km long trail leads you through fantastic countryside that offers breath-taking experiences. Danska Fall itself is the highlight. This waterfall system has a total drop of 36 metres. The path begins within walking distance of the Simlångsdalen swimming hall. To make your walk more challenging, continue along the Assman river towards the Gårdshult nature reserve.

Biskopstorp, 11 trails

Biskopstorp nature reserve is one of southern Sweden’s largest forest reserves. It has eleven walking trails in various formats. They are interspersed with barbecue sites and a viewing platform offering panoramic vistas. The deciduous forest hills are perfect for both cycling and walking. There are also disabled-friendly trails here.

The Gårdshult trail, 6.5 km

The Gårdshult trail runs 6.5 kilometres along the Simlångsdalen valley. You can choose either the western or eastern side of the Assman river here. There are three offshoots along the way – around the Brearedssjön lake, the Smedhult trail and the Kannesten circuit.

Klövaberget, 0.7 km

Standing atop Klövaberget’s 30-metre high, 100-metre long cliff wall is not for the faint hearted. Besides a tickle in the tummy, you also get a panoramic view across the Simlångsdalen valley. The cliff top is a perfect place to enjoy the packed lunch you brought along!

Around the Brearedssjön lake, 4.2 km

This trail has beautiful beech forest on one side and the disused Bolmenbanan railway on the other. The old Jöransfors iron works is amongst the things you pass along the way.

Gyltige, 3.2 km

Just north of Gyltige in the Simlångsdalen valley, the Gyltige yellow trailexternal link, opens in new window runs on paths and forest vehicle tracks. On the western part of this walking trail, steep-sided ridges are clearly visible. These are stone, gravel and sand and were left by the melting ice some 12,000 to 13,000 years ago. Large and small kettle holes can be found in the terrain. Old gravel pits are witnesses to material having been taken for the construction of nearby houses and roads.

Gyltige, 10 km

The Gyltige blue trailexternal link, opens in new window leads towards the beautifully situated village of Svalilt, southeast of Gyltige in Simlångsdalen. Along the trail you will experience meadows, pastures and forests of beech trees. On the track to Svalilt, you will first pass by Sutarebo. The trail runs along the edge of a very hilly nature reserve comprising of beech tree forests and steep ravines.


Virsehatt nature reserve is a hill that rises dome-like above the Sennan valley. There are lovely trails and beautiful views here. If you would like a slightly tougher walk, scale the hill to enjoy the magnificent panoramas.

Digital treasure hunt
In the reserve, there is also a digital treasure hunt that is suitable for children. Take along a smartphone or tablet and, via the QR codes, listen to the fascinating stories. Keep an eye open for the troll too!

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