Banvallsleden – a 250 km cycle route

You can cycle from coast to coast between Halmstad and Karlshamn. External link, opens in new window. The Banvall Trail External link, opens in new window. runs along the old railway track bed through beautiful, varied scenery.

The Banvall Trail currently consists of an attractive 250 km tourist cycling route, around 70% of which runs along the track bed. The route takes you along two disused narrow-gauge railway lines: the Halmstad–Bolmen and Karlshamn – Vislanda – Bolmen railways. These lines were first laid in the late 19th century, and were in operation until around 1970. Today, one of the aims is to create the world’s longest tourist cycling route on a railway track bed!

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A unique trail through beautiful countryside

Are you looking for a day out in the fresh air, with varied scenery and history to discover? If so, the Banvall Trail is perfect! The trail links two coasts and several tourist areas. It passes through around 40 former stations, making it unique in Sweden. Cycling the Banvall Trail is a journey through Sweden’s railway history! You will also take in beautiful, varied surroundings with plenty to see.

Varied terrain

The track bed from Halmstad to Simlångsdalen, from Karlshamn to Svängsta and along the River Mörrumsån in Olofström Municipality is asphalted. Otherwise, the terrain is varied: sometimes flat, level surfaces, and sometimes shorter stretches of slightly less even terrain.

Simlångsdalen – a wilderness paradise

As you make your way along the Banvall Trail, starting at Halmstad Castle, you will pass Simlångsdalen. This is an ideal opportunity to take a break and enjoy the sights. With its abundant nature, this feels like a true wilderness paradise. Here, you will find culinary and cultural experiences, fishing and a beautiful nature reserve.

At the heart of Simlångsdalen is the delightful Breared Country Museum, which shows visitors what rural shops were once like. Tallhöjdens Värdshus offers activities for all ages, including walking safaris and horse and carriage rides. The inn also serves a varied food menu, and specialises in meat and game. There is a focus on Swedish ingredients, and the walls display living history.

At the Gårdshult Norra nature reserve, you can find out how farmers and their animals once lived. The River Assman flows through the nature reserve towards the Danska Fall waterfall.

Facilities along the route

There are plenty of accommodation choices along the Banvall Trail, including hotels, holiday villages and campsites. The larger communities have food shops, and you can also hire a bike from several locations. The route is sign-posted with connecting trails, and the quality is excellent.

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