The Foyer

Our L-shaped foyer is the heart of the building and perhaps its most flexible space. The scene on arriving at the top of the beautiful marble staircase has been described as looking like the inside of an ocean liner. The foyer is a fantastic venue for arranging receptions, banquets, breakfast or lunch meetings and trade fairs.

Halmstads Theaters foyer

Photo: Joakim Leihed

The foyer is used for lunches, fika and receptions for all meetings held in the building. It is also home to the Theater Bar, which can remain open should you so desire.

Also in the foyer is a large original fresco depicting to six artists who comprised the Halmstad Group. Take a moment to look at Axel Olson’s ornamental railings, which act as an airy screen before you reach the doors of the Grand Auditorium. This original artwork was commissioned for the theater has been here since it opened in 1954.

 Tablecloth for dinner in Halmstad Theater's foyer

Photo: Anna Reljanovic


  • 640 square metres.
  • Ceiling height: 3.1 metres


  • Reception: 600 people
  • Dinner: 300 seats
Halmstads Theaters foyer

Photo: Joakim Leihed


  • Elevators. There are elevator from the main entrance to the foyer. However, you may require assistance to open the elevator. You need to press the elevator button for the duration of the journey.
  • Accessible toilets. Adjacent to the toilets on the left-hand side after the wardrobe.
Halmstads Theaters foyer

Photo: Joakim Leihed