Useful to know

We are delighted that you are interested in visiting Halmstad Theater! To make planning your visit as easy as possible we have compiled information that may be helpful.

Can I bring bags?

Based on the current situation in society, and that the terror threat level is a four, the police authority has decided on a total ban on bags at major events in Sweden.

All major events in Sweden are covered by the decision. This means that all concerts, festivals and sporting events that require permission or registration are subject to a total bag ban for public visitors.

We at Halmstads Teater, together with the organizer, have chosen to follow these rules in connection with performances in Stora salongen. It is believed that we are not subject to a permit or notification obligation. This means that no bags – regardless of size or model – may be taken into the Stora salongen in connection with our performances.

The situation in the world is tense and the safety of our visitors and artists always comes first, hence we are taking these measures. If you have necessary emergency medications, you can put them in a small customized bag that you show on the way into the salon.

When should I arrive at the theater?

Arrive in good time so that you and your party can enjoy drinks and snack and take in the theater’s ornamentation by famous artists. The doors open one hour before the performance. Arrive no later than 20 minutes before the performance so that you have time to leave your coat in the wardrobe and find your seat. Welcome!

Wardrobe fee

For the wellbeing and safety of all our visitors, coats and large bags are not permitted in the auditorium.


You can purchase your wardrobe ticket in advance when you book your theater tickets. It only costs SEK 20 per outer garment and you will be able to use the express window on the left-hand side of the wardrobe (as seen from the staircase), which will speed up your arrival.

Pay on arrival

If you choose to pay for a wardrobe ticket on arrival, it will cost you SEK 40 per outer garment.


The wardrobe is free of charge for children under 12 years of age.

Accessible toilets

  • Upper foyer: toilets are on the left after the wardrobe.
  • Festsalen: immediately to the right beneath the stairs and further into the Festsalen foyer.
  • Figarosalen: beneath the stairs on either side of the bar.
  • Conference rooms: outside all conference rooms.

There are accessible toilets adjacent to all toilets. For more details about accessible toilets, please see under Accessibility.


Pauses last for approximately 20 minutes, although not all shows have an pause. See what applies to your visit under the heading Event calendar. You can book a table for the pause by speaking to a member of the Theater Bar staff.

Halmstad Tourist Centre is beside the main entrance

Since the end of March 2020, you can visit Halmstad Tourist Centre External link, opens in new window. in its new premises in the theater’s lower foyer. Staff in the centre will be happy to answer any questions about Halmstad Theater or the city in general. Halmstad Tourist Centre acts as the theater’s box office and is open before performances at Halmstad Theater.


Both the Theater Bar and the wardrobe accept payment by card and cash. We do not accept American Express.

Feel free to purchase your wardrobe ticket when booking your theater tickets, as this is both cheaper and quicker once you arrive at the theater. See wardrobe prices above.

How do I find my place?

Take a look at our floor plans of Stora Salongen and Figarosalen. This makes it easier for you to find your seat on the day of the event.

Stora Salongen
Below you can see the floor plan for Stora Salongen at Halmstad Theater.

Floor plan of seats in Stora salongen

Floor plan of seats in Stora salongen

Below you can see the floor plan for Figarosalen at Halmstad Theater.

Floor plan of seats in Figarosalen

Floor plan of seats in Figarosalen

Dress code

While it is certainly nice to dress up to visit the theater, this is entirely up to you. Come as you are and enjoy the show!


Not all shows permit photography and/or filming. Speak to the janitor at the door to the auditorium if you are unsure.

Visiting children

Children are more than welcome as long as the show in question does not have an age limit. All children up to the age of 12 can use the wardrobe free of charge.

A limited number of cushions are available to borrow free of charge just inside the doors of the Grand Auditorium and Figaro Hall.

Flowers to the cast

Would you like to show your appreciation by sending flowers to a member of the cast? Please leave bouquets with staff in the Theater Bar before the show and they will be happy to ensure that they reach the right person. Remember to attach a card with the name(s) of the intended recipient.