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Here we have compiled information about our press contacts, press releases, social media and press photos. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us.

Questions about

Halmstad Theater

Henrik Drakenberg

Henrik Drakenberg
Director of Halmstad Theater

Phone: +46-35‑13 73 90 (switchboard)

Lizette Hedkvist Sundsten

Lizette Hedkvist Sundsten
Marketing coordinator and booking Coordinator – performances

Phone: +46-35-13 73 90 (switchboard)

The Destination Halmstad company

Please e-mail your question to

Individual events

Contact the respective organiser for questions about the performance in question.

 Back on staff at the theater with Halmstad Theatre's logo on.

Press releases

Halmstad Theater is part of the municipal company Destination Halmstad AB. All Destination Halmsta’ss press releases are published on My Newsdesk. Visit Destination Halmstad at My Newsdesk (swe). External link, opens in new window.

Press photos

For press photos of Halmstad Theater, contact Lizette Hedkvist Sundsten. For press photos from individual performances, contact the respective organiser.