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As the sun goes down, the city’s lights come on and its pulsating nightlife begins. Yet, just as there is something for those who want to spend a whole night on the dance floor, those who want a quieter evening with a fine drink or two will also find a place exactly to their tastes!


Finding a bar in Halmstad is easy... Choosing can be difficult! On Lilla torg in the city centre, The Bull’s pub is cosily housed in an old fire station. It offers a wide range of beers and cocktails. On the other side of the square is The Fox and Anchor. In addition to a comprehensive selection of beers and whiskies, its offerings include tasty pub food.

On Storgatan, you can find the very first Shotluckan. Renowned for good shots and saturnalian shows, this chain has now opened at several places in Sweden. On the same street, you will also find Krog & Co, an authentic, Swedish, pub chain. Head now towards the Nissan river. On Hamngatan, you will find Zigges Garage, a tapas and cocktail bar. Do not fail to try some of their signature cocktails! Examples include Seven Dots, Iki Hale Ka’a, Cucumber Rumble and Bitter Grasshopper.

Walking a further 100 metres south on the same street takes you to A Little Party. This charming, champagne bar has over 200 varieties of the drink on its menu and is perfect for tastings.

Outdoor eateries

Ask absolutely any Halmstad resident what he or she most longs for when looking forward to the summer and most will answer: “The outdoor eateries”. Relaxing in a seat on the city’s streets and cooling down with a cold drink on a hot summer day is truly something very special.

Zigges Garage has glorious outdoor seating. Its cosy terrace is on the first floor. Here, you can enjoy the sun with a mouth-watering cocktail in your hand and a beautiful view across the Nissan river.

Perhaps the most famous outdoor eating place in Halmstad is Lilla torg. In the spring, the square is filled with palm trees, bars and great places to eat and drink outdoors. It stays like this until autumn. Lilla torg’s bars are The Bull’s, Solsidan and Morfars. The Bull’s has the largest outdoor seating. This is exactly opposite the establishment’s permanent restaurant. The large parasols make the place popular with those who prefer to sit in the shade. They also come in handy if there is a passing shower. Solsidan (sunny side) is immediately adjacent. As the name suggests, this is the perfect place for anyone seeking to enjoy a cold beer in the sunshine. Morfars keeps both options open. You can choose to sit in the sun or under a parasol. On Lilla torg, a good atmosphere is guaranteed!

The above is simply a very small selection of all the wonderful outdoor eateries in central Halmstad.


With the evening approaching its end and the night just beginning, the nightclubs start opening for the dancers amongst us. In Tylösand, Leifs Lounge, a well-known nightclub, opens in the summer. With good drinks, great music and partying the whole night long, it is one of Sweden’s hottest clubs. It has several “sections” to explore. One of these is the Solgården amphitheatre, which is open to the sky and right next to the beach.

On Karl XI:s väg in Halmstad, there is the Boom Boom Room. Every Friday and Saturday, this opens its doors at 23.00. Beer, wine, spirits and music are served in a unique environment... The club is inside an old church! Have you ever been to a nightclub during the day? Well, now is your chance! Weeks Out at Boom Boom Room is a frequently scheduled after-work club that opens at 17.00 and closes at 21.00. If you would then like to continue the party, you need only wait until 23.00, the nightclub’s regular opening time.

On Storgatan, near Lilla torg, there is Morfars – a slightly smaller club, but with an atmosphere that is at least as superb as that anywhere else! Just next door is Shotluckan. Why not take a break from dancing here and enjoy a truly memorable experience?!

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