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White Guide has been published in Sweden since 2005. Since 2013, White Guide Café has also been published. On the restaurant scene, White Guide principally rewards personality, regeneration, sustainability and the atmosphere in the restaurant. Discover Halmstad in White Guide and read their opinion.


Two of Halmstad’s restaurants have entered their restaurant list: Pio Matsal & Bar and Söderfamiljen, both with good reason.

Pio Matsal & Bar – Classic steak on a plank and other seasonal delicacies

For almost 50 years, regulars have eaten steak on a plank at the popular Pio’s. With salmon, a vegetarian option or perfectly fried Swedish sirloin steak, with a light béarnaise sauce and delicious duchess potatoes. But Pio’s has a more refined side that’s waiting to be discovered. In the autumn, Pio’s serves the whole forest on a plate, in the form of hand-cut Halland venison tartare with mashed lingonberries, fried mushrooms, deep fried moss and spruce oil. The mushrooms that accompany a delicious ravioli are also freshly picked.

 People eat inside the restaurant Söderfamiljen

Photo: Lisa Söderholm

Söderfamiljen – Amazingly good food, quite simply

They know what they’re doing, the chefs in this personal and charming little gem of a tavern on the banks of the Nissan River. They are keenly aware and cook food using locally produced, organic and high-quality ingredients. Fun selection of local beers and well-chosen wines. Occasionally tapas, while at other times a more traditional menu with crispy potato pancakes, delicious bacon-topped pollock with mashed potatoes, kale and pickled lingonberries. Exquisite, rich and generous bouillabaisse.


There are three cafés in White Guide’s list. Both Feldts Socker & Cykel and Cortado Coffee Shop are rated very highly. Feldts Bröd & Konfekt is rated at a good level.

Cortado Coffee Shop – A warming experience

“Better coffee for the people” is Cortado’s motto – which is repeated at various points around the café. And here the coffee really gets to shine. Here you can find everything from simple percolated coffee to most varieties of espresso. The coffee comes from a number of small coffee roasters and the delightful staff keep an eye on all the beans and roasts – and serve them with the highest levels of quality. The teas are not far behind, with a wide range to choose from and high level of quality. When it comes to pastries, the café offers buns and cakes, but focuses mainly on vegan and raw options – the raw balls made from cocoa, chia seeds, baobab fruit, dates and orange are a real highlight. Cortado also collaborates with artists, staging gallery activities with exhibitions of modern contemporary diets.

Feldts Bröd & Konfekt – Large pastries in a small area

Baker and pastry chef My Feldt sets off on her motorcycle. Before this, she hugs her little brother Putte, who is usually standing behind the counter in this tiny oasis for lovers of organic produce, quality and charm. A constant stream of customers buy sourdough, potato and rosemary bread and baguettes. Crisp croissants are available on Saturdays. Or mini lemon meringue pies, sugar pretzels – or whatever is in and on the counter on the day. Sit on simple pallets in the corner and enjoy. The deliciously chewy caramel tartlet is filled with smooth chocolate and topped with roasted hazelnuts – heavenly. And don’t miss the strawberry, lime and rose sorbet. Like the taste of summer.


You can also find hotels in White Guide. Here, Hotel Tylösand can be proud of having received a very high rating.

Hotel Tylösand – Art, Nordic design and magical sea views

You are met by sculptures, magnificent paintings and photographs as soon as you walk in through the entrance. Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell and other artists can be heard from the speakers, and portraits of them hang on the walls. It’s both wonderful and easy to get stuck on the staircase or in a corridor as you take a closer look. Per Gessle’s and Björn Nordstrand’s hotel is characterised by art and by austere, stylish, Nordic design.

The rooms are well thought out, with comfortable beds, effective lighting and a good work space. From several of the rooms, you can imagine an endless sea and wide horizons. The long, sandy beach invites you to go for a stroll or take a dip. The restaurant – in the summer there are several of them – offers well-cooked food, and the chef is ready to fix an omelette, eggs over-easy or anything else you might want with the generous breakfast buffet.

The spa area has a sauna, gym and several pools. Slipping into the well-heated outdoor pool once darkness has fallen and the wind is whining is highly recommended. Conference delegates, long-distance tourists, families with children and single travellers can all find what they’re looking for here. Friendly and happy staff are always ready, whenever the guests needs them.

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