Ice-cream hotspots

Everyone knows... Ice cream is good in all weathers! All year round. Anywhere. However, it is especially good when the spring sun emerges after a long winter or when it is beating down on summer days.

There is an ice cream for everyone. Do you like creamy strawberry? Or fresh and crisp, lemon sorbet? Would, perhaps, a rich chocolate flavour find favour? Here, we offer some of Halmstad’s favourite ice-cream places.

Unique, rural parlours

At the fairy-tale nature reserve in Möllegård, you will find the famous World of Riccardo. This is where Riccardo Boggian makes his seasonally flavoured, Italian ice cream. Inside an old cow and horse barn, there is now a charming, north Italian style café. It invites you to relax from everyday stress, enjoy light refreshments and an ice-cream treat topped off with a premium cup of Italian coffee. It even has a small branch on Fredsgatan in central Halmstad.

In Gullbrandstorp, you can enjoy fantastic Italian ice cream made from Swedish milk and cream. Mr Gelato’s small-scale production varies to reflect seasonal inspirations and available ingredients. Furthermore, all his sorbets are vegan. As Mr Gelato has a full-time job in addition to ice cream making, opening times vary. We advise checking out Facebook or Instagram to see if he is in!

Inviting, city parlours

At Stora torg you will find Hello - a cozy café that makes delicious homemade gelato every morning with only organic ingredients. The ice cream at Hello has also recieved international recognition as they came in third place in the worldwide ice cream competition Icecream Index SoolNua in 2017.

There is a new ice-cream Mecca on the city’s Fredsgatan, Riccardo’s. Its owner Riccardo Boggian runs the famous World of Riccardo. Both outlets offer Italian ice cream made from first-class ingredients. It tastes wonderful, whatever the weather. If the sun is shining, enjoy it outside. If the weather is bleak, savour it inside. For those who want to splash out on a special treat, there are also wonderful ice-cream cakes.

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