Lunch guide

Halmstad is home to a number of wonderful restaurants where you can go for lunch. Both on weekdays and at the weekend.

If you want to check out the range of restaurants in a little more depth, we have drawn up a list of many of Halmstad’s restaurants according to the type of menu they offer.

Daily lunch

Many restaurants serve lunches on weekdays. External link, opens in new window. presents lunch menus from several different restaurants around Halmstad. Halmstad City External link, opens in new window. also compiles a lunch menu for you each week – this one focuses on the restaurants in the city.

Publik ser på teater och äter mat

Foto: Anders Sällström

Lunch with entertainment

A few times a year, you can eat your lunch accompanied by great entertainment at Halmstad Theatre. You can view the full range on Halmstad Theatre’s website (Swe) External link, opens in new window..

Around Halmstad, lunchtime entertainment is also offered without food. In our events calendar, you can check whether there are any lunch events to suit your taste.

More food and drink

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