Bathing with disabled access

Do you want to swim in the sea? Or in a lake or a pool? Here, we offer some tips on good bathing areas. Each one has that little extra to make them accessible to all bathers.

Both Svärjarehålan in Tylösand and Gröningen at Östra stranden are staffed during bathing hours in the summer. If the flag is raised, this means that there are staff on duty. You can see the times during which this is the case on the Halmstad municipality website.

Svärjarehålan has rocks, a sandy beach and grass-covered sections. Wide cement paths lead right down to the sea. The bathing area has been designed in collaboration with disability organisations. A large, shady car park with 18 disabled spaces is located next to the beach. If you need something cooling, there is a kiosk. Svärjarehålan is also home to Halland's first snorkelling trail. Prince Bertil's Trail passes the beach.

Gröningen is a bathing area with a lot of history, with cottages built in the early 20th century. The beach is located about five kilometres from the centre and is very shallow. Gröningen is the northern part of Östra Stranden.

In both locations there are disabled toilets, changing rooms, showers with places to lie down, ramps, a lift and stairs down into the water. On the grassed areas, there are aids such as steps to make it easier to get around. There are also large life jackets and wheelchairs which can be borrowed. If you need to borrow a reclining chair to take you down into the water, you must have a bathing attendant with you. Everyone is welcome to bathe, but as a visitor you are encouraged to take special care and allow room for guests with disabilities.

Freshwater bathing in lakes

At Brearedssjön in Simlångsdalen and Tostarpsjön in Tönnersjö there is an outside toilet adapted for use by the disabled. Take a dip in the fresh clear waters and enjoy the tranquility of the forest when preparing your food in the barbecue area.

Indoor and outdoor pools

Halmstad Arena Baths has several accessibility options. These include disabled toilets and adapted parking spaces. Brottet swimming pool, Furulundsbadet and Getingebadet also have disabled access options.

Water quality and temperature

On the website of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, during the bathing season you can see the current forecast, with water quality, algae formation and water temperature of the official bathing beaches.

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