12 activity tips for the beach

Not just lazy days on the beach... we list 12 activities to keep you busy this summer when you want to do something more than sunbathe and swim!

Play beach volleyball

On the beach at the mouth of Tylöbäcken there are several courts set up from the beginning of June. Playing on sun-warmed sand until the sun goes down is an experience in itself. Each year, one of Europe’s largest beach volleyball events also takes place here, Summersmash. External link, opens in new window.

 Beach volleyball on a beach in Halmstad

Photo: Beachtravels

Surfing - wind, kite or wave

There is plenty of wind and water along Halmstad’s long coast, making it a great place to try some form of surfing. There are several nice coves perfectly situated for wind, wave and kite surfing.

Try wakeboarding

In the old quarry in Grötvik you will find Halmstad Wakepark, a must for those looking for a fast-paced activity. If you don’t dare to try getting on the board yourself, it’s almost as fun to be part of it as a spectator.

 Climber in the quarry in Grötvik

Climber in the quarry in Grötvik. Photo: Per Nilsson

Climb in the quarry

At the old quarry in Grötvik there are several different climbing routes for those with their own equipment. There are climbing routes in varying degrees of difficulty, which is written directly on the rocks. The miles of views from rock walls and edges make many people happy to enjoy the view and sunset here.

Cycle along our trails

Halmstad has long been a cyclists’ town. Choose between adventurous mountain bike tours and fat bike experiences or a quieter cycle ride to enjoy Halmstad's beautiful surroundings. There are both the Kattegat Trail External link, opens in new window. and Hylteslingan as well as the local cycling trails Laxaleden and Tylösandsleden.

 Stand up paddle in the sunset on the ocean

Stand up paddle. Photo: Patrik Leonardsson

Try stand-up paddleboarding

If you’ve never tried stand up paddleboarding, or SUP as it’s also known, it’s high time you did. It is very popular in Halmstad, in Nissan, Fylleån and the sea. For the adventurous, Fylleån with its Amazonian-like environment is a hot tip, with branches stretching out over the water and stones as a challenge to steering.

Snorkel along our snorkel trail

Get your diving mask on and discover the world under the surface. Try Svärjarehålan's 200-metre long snorkel trail where signs will guide you about the most common species you might encounter during your snorkel tour. A freer snorkelling trip, and just as interesting, is a tour along the long coastline of Halmstad.

Kayak out on the sea, two people standing far away on a cliff

Photo: Mostphotos


Enjoy the bobbing of the waves and the rays of the sun while you paddle along the beaches, cliffs and nature reserve along Halmstad’s beautiful coast. Take a trip along the Nissan and experience Halmstad from a whole new perspective, or venture out into one of the many freshwater lakes.

Playing golf

Golf in Halmstad, the golf capital, is great. There are golf packages for the whole family and no fewer than six 18-hole courses and five 9-hole courses in a scenic setting, one of the world's best training facilities and several pay and play options that make it easy for those who are curious to try golf.

Golfer at Ringenäs golf club with a view of the sea.

Golfer at Ringenäs GK. Photo: Per Nilsson

Play mini golf and crazy golf

Are you an avid golfer? Or highly competitive? Or simply keen to challenge friends and loved ones to a fun round of mini golf? Whatever the answer, you are always near to a course here. Mini golf can be found almost everywhere in and around Halmstad. You are sure to experience the thrill of competition, joy and, perhaps, a little frustration – but isn’t that also part of the game?

Fish for crabs

Fishing for crabs is part of summer, especially if you are on the west coast. A pleasure for both adults and children. And it's not very difficult; all you need is a rod (a string or a clothes line works just fine), a bucket, bait and maybe a landing net.

The crabs like to hide among seaweed and stones, often by rocks or the edge of the jetty. Grötvik is a hot tip if you want to try your luck; there are plenty of rocks and stones here. On the beach in Steninge there is a pier out to the rocky island of Stora Skär, where the crabs like to to hide, and on the family beach Tjuvahålan there is both pier and cliffs, perfect for crab fishing. A slightly less hot tip are Vita Bandet beach and Jansa jetty, where there are usually not as many people but still good chances for crab fishing.

Children fish for crab along and long pier in Steninge in Halmstad

Crab fishing in Steninge. Photo: Anders Andersson


In Halmstad, good fishing is never far away. Choose between lakes, rivers and the sea. Let’s go fish!

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