After Beach

Just ask anyone – local or visitor – and they’ll probably know about After Beach at Solgården in Tylösand. There is also a great after beach bar in Vilshärad, with incredibly beautiful views of the Kattegat.

After Beach at Solgården in Tylösand

Due to Covid-19, no After beach will be implemented in Tylösand during the summer of 2020. You are welcome to visit Hotel Tylösandexternal link, opens in new window and its restaurants this summer as well.

After Beach in Tylösand is a real institution. Thousands of guests come here every year for delicious drinks and great music on sunny summer days. Solgården is owned by Hotel Tylösand and is located between the sand dunes and the hotel. From late in the afternoon every day, throughout the summer, things are in full swing when the day’s fter Beach band take the stage.

We recommend arriving at Solgården in good time. On hot summer days there are a lot of people on the beach and the area fills up quickly. Once there, buy a refreshing drink at the bar, join others dancing or sit and enjoy the music sitting at a table. If you want a little extra luxury, you can book a VIP table on one of the sheltered terraces. You’ll then have a view of the stage, the sea and all the people enjoying the fantastic atmosphere.

Another tip is to sit in the sand dunes just outside the After Beach. You’ll be able hear the music clearly in a slightly quieter but equally great atmosphere. Make sure to take a picnic with you, because once you're there, you won't want to leave.

Vilshärad After Beach

Due to Covid-19, the implementation of Vilshärad's After beach in the summer of 2020 is uncertain. More information on (Swe).external link, opens in new window

This after beach bar, or as it’s in Vilshärad maybe we should say after padel, has been around since 2007. It has a fantastic view out over the sea while you can enjoy great music and good food from Zigges Garage.
Next to the after beach is one of Sweden's most beautiful padel courts – Vilshärad Padel. Here you can combine after beach with a dip in the sea as well as taking a turn on the padel court.

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