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At Östra Stranden beach,you will find one of Halmstad's most popular mini golf courses, Japan Mini Golf. A historic course in a wooded setting, close to the beach and in a real summer cottage area.

Japan Golf Courses

Photo: Japan Golf Courses

A nice summer evening here becomes a lovely gathering point with people of all ages taking turns to play on the mini golf course's characteristic rubber mats. These rubber mats are easier to clean and dry after it has rained.

Clean courses are Japan's hallmark and it seems to be appreciated by the players. There are two eighteen-hole courses to choose from, one new and an older one from 1947. Both courses have the same difficulty level and are suitable for both children and adults. The courses are also floodlit, creating a cosy feeling in the evening when the sun is going down behind the treetops.

 Coffee at Japan's golf courses

Photo: Japan Golf Courses

Food and drink

Take a break and visit the kiosk, where you can find most things that you might get hungry for during a tough round on the course. Soft ice cream, ice cream, waffles, sweets or maybe a cool drink? On the same street there is both a pizzeria and the restaurant Charlie's Krypin for those who want a more substantial meal.

Östra Stranden beach

Why not combine with a visit to Japan mini golf course with a trip to Östra Stranden? End a long day on the beach with a round of mini golf or take an evening walk after you finish playing: sit down in the dunes and watch the sun go down towards the horizon.

Mini golf courses at Japan Golf Courses

Japan's Golf Courses in evening light. Photo: Japan Golf Courses

The name Japan

I'm sure you're wondering about the name. The person who founded the Japan course was one of Halland's best athletes at the beginning of the twentieth century, Yngve "Japan" Johansson. The nickname was given to him when he won a long jump competition in the 1920s. Japan was at that time very good at the long jump and someone shouted out "He jumped like a Japanese". When Yngve was later approaching retirement, he wanted something else to do and so he built the mini golf course on Östra Stranden beach. Naturally, the course was named Japan.

Indoor course

If the weather disappoints, you don't have to worry; Japan also has an 18-hole course indoors at Flygstaden. The same characteristic rubber mats and with lighting that gives the feeling of summer evenings.

Japan's golf course, indoors

Japan's golf course, indoors. Photo: Japans golfbana

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