The Spa at Hotel Tylösand

Hotel Tylösand’s The Spa, is a prize-winning, luxurious facility with a magnificent view and excellent location. The sea is just outside the windows and panoramic vistas across the sand dunes erase the boundary between in and out.

A relaxing, inspirational experience is guaranteed at Hotel Tylösand, which has become exceedingly popular amongst spa aficionados. Everything is under one roof – several restaurants, modern hotel rooms and Sweden’s biggest art gallery. The Spa is often listed as one of Sweden’s best spas.

Spa experiences surprise, inspire and release a great deal of creative energy. At this spa, it is fine to laugh and have fun while indulging in relaxation and pleasure.

The pool complex

On the ground floor, you are welcomed by the large pool (where you can swim while watching a blockbuster), bubble pools, shared sauna and the possibility of taking cold dips. The pool bar has lovely refreshments and tasty “health nibbles” for more energy.

Happy Lounge

The name reveals the experience and the feeling itself grows as cares evaporate and wellbeing starts to spread throughout the body. On the upper floor, there is a minimum age limit of 15. Relaxation is total and all becomes right with the world. Enjoy the outdoor and “feelgood” pools, foot spas, steam saunas, soft saunas, showers, relaxation room, fitness area and spa terrace with a magnificent view. With something cold and bubbly in your glass, this is royal relaxation!

That little extra

If you would like a little extra luxury, there is a spa shop and Sweden’s first spa laboratory. You and your friends can mix your own scrubs based on the hotel’s ecological recipes. Of course, if there is anything left over, you can continue to enjoy this at home. With its snacks and creams, the “spa box” provides nourishment for both body and soul.

Innovative treatments

How about a Halland speciality, a kale face pack? The Spa was the first spa hotel to offer Shandithi massage. This works on the body’s energy system and has an immediate effect. Tylösand’s luxury therapies continue the innovativeness with cranberry scrubs, back massages in champagne oil and pear soufflé packs... First-class sustenance, but for the soul. Additionally, you can, of course, enjoy classic massages, detoxifications, hot-stone massages and mango packs... Sometimes for energy and sometimes to boost energy and glow!

Fitness section

If you want to hone your fitness, there are a number of training sessions all week round. All are open to drop-in customers and all are free for spa guests. For sessions and gym alike, the lower age limit is 15. Training has a central role in the spa offerings. In the fitness section, you can choose between instructor-led sessions or virtual sessions in which you follow an instructor on a film screen. With a four-kilometre beach on the doorstep, you can enjoy pulse-raising training and fresh, sea air at one and the same time. Yoga, aqua, spinning, Zumba and booty are amongst the other forms of training that are also available.

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