Outdoor gyms

Halmstad people like being active outdoors. It is our lifestyle and readily apparent not least from all the outdoor gyms dotted around Halmstad.

Several of them are next to Halmstad’s most popular running circuits and make it easy to tailor training sessions to your wishes.

In the countryside

If you are looking for a challenge, try the obstacle course at the bottom of Vapnö gravel quarry, some 100 metres from Galgberget’s exercise circuits. For really sweaty sessions, there are plenty of steep sand slopes.

LV6, Galgberget’s largest outdoor gym, has almost everything you need for all-round training. All the equipment is in wood here. The gym is at Fortifikationsverket, next to the Landalavägen road, just after the start of Galgberget’s five-kilometre trail.

Outdoor gyms in the city

Behind the Sturegymnasiet upper-secondary school, Engelbrektsplanen invites spontaneous exercise. Its outdoor gym offers a number of training machines, a parkour area, a basketball court and three beach volleyball courts.

Linehed park has Halmstad’s largest outdoor gym. Some 15 different stations in a beautiful park setting. Barbells and weights, monkey bars and obstacle walls are amongst the facilities. There is even an adjacent 850-metre running circuit.

More outdoor gyms

More information can be found on the municipality of Halmstad’s website (Sve). External link, opens in new window.

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