Circular running trails

There is nearly always room for a pair of running shoes in any suitcase. Going out for a run in Halmstad is easy. It is also a good way of experiencing the variety of Halland’s landscapes.

Halmstad has several exercise circuits. Some ten of these are illuminated and give you varied running on many sorts of surfaces. If you want to combine your run with weight training, no problem! Several of the exercise circuits pass well-equipped gyms.


Only one kilometre from the city centre, Galgberget is Halmstad’s favourite green area. It has several, rolling, asphalt-free exercise circuits of up to five kilometres and with beautiful views across Halmstad and the Laholmsbukten bay. Galgberget also has two outdoor gym areas.

Prince Bertil’s trail

Halmstad’s favourite walking trail is excellent for running. It is 18-kilometres long and, from Halmstad castle, runs along the coast to Tylösand’s dunes before ending in the verdant Möllegård nature reserve. The surface is predominantly dirt.

If you want to run only in one direction or just do parts of the trail, there is a good bus service. Several bus routes run to Halmstad along the nearby road (Nya Tylösandsvägen).

Skedala forest

Slightly over ten kilometres from central Halmstad, you will find the forest of Skedala. The forest offers a number of stimulating and challenging running trails over various terrains. Several of the trails can be reached from the Torvsjön car park next to road 25. On Naturkartan you can see a map of all the trails of Skedala forest External link, opens in new window..

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