Hotel Continental Relax & Spa

Hotel Continental’s spa is hidden away in a pretty turn of the century building only three minutes from the train station.

There are many spa experiences on offer at Hotel Continental. Outdoor bathing in a warm spring, foot spas, infrared sauna, traditional sauna, sensory room, gym and relaxarium with delectable recliners are all available. To these can be added a wide range of treatments for all your senses. Tea, fruit and water are also readily on hand.

Hotel Continental Relax & Spa enhances your lovely, relaxing spa moment by maintaining a minimum age limit of 18.

Unique spa setting

Under the exquisite vaulted ceiling, you are surrounded by the hotel’s carefully preserved architecture. Everything is conducive to finding restfulness. This is a place to simply breathe and let go of all cares for a while. If you are staying at the hotel, you will notice that this special atmosphere is all pervasive. The rooms are individually decorated and stoves, stucco and wall tiling have all been preserved. Those who stay frequently will soon find a favourite room.

Treatments for all the senses

Hotel Continental Relax & Spa offers body-care treatments in collaboration with professionally qualified masseurs and therapists. Many of these therapists base their work on the Ayurvedic philosophy.

Treatments are provided with utmost attention to the guest – you are unique and each treatment is holistically tailored to you. Raindrop massage, Ayurvedic treatment, hot-stone massage and facials are just some of the options. There are also classic massages, packs and body scrubs. Yoga, steam saunas and infra-red saunas are amongst the other delightful spa experiences. The hotel’s “senses room”, which is kept completely dark, is highly appreciated for its restorative effect. Also popular with spa guests is the hot spring in the hotel’s fine, inner courtyard.

For those who like to relax with that someone special, “duo-spa” with treatment for two is a further possibility.

Spa packages

Continental offers several packages. These include “morning spa” with the possibility of ordering a lavish breakfast to charge the batteries for a glorious day. “Day spa" is for those who want to relax for several hours and drink in the quiet and comfy atmosphere. This allows you to order your lunch from the extremely tasty spa menu. Alternatively, “evening spa” is an ideal option for ending a busy day. It includes a buffet dinner.

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