8 of the best barbecue areas

Gathering around an open fire and barbecuing the food you’ve brought along together has always been popular in Halmstad – even more so now! There are lots of barbecue areas provided all around the municipality, 70 or so of them operated by the municipality. You’ll usually find them in a beautiful natural setting, close to the sea or in outdoor activity areas.

Gather your family or your best friends for a get-together around the barbecue – just as enjoyable on a cold, crisp winter’s day as on a late summer’s evening as the sun goes down. Don’t forget to bring your charcoal or wood, and make sure you take everything away with you afterwards. Here come eight tips for the best barbecue areas. For even more tips on barbecue areas, go to (Swe). External link, opens in new window.

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With a view over the sea and grazing sheep in the neighbouring meadow, this barbecue area is almost idyllic on a beautiful summer’s evening. Strategically located alongside Prins Bertil’s Trail and a stone’s throw from Grötvik. Enjoy the peace and quiet and gaze out over the water, maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of a seal sunning itself on the rocks? If the barbecue area is in use when you arrive, just follow Prins Bertil’s Trail for a short way towards Grötvik, and you’ll come to a barbecue area that’s almost as welcoming.

Torvsjön lake in Skedala skog in Halmstad

Torvsjön lake in Skedala forest

Skedala Forest

There are a number of barbecue areas set up in the popular outdoor activity area of Skedala Forest. Park by Lake Torvsjön and you’re just by a barbecue area with an amazing view over the lake. For a more secluded barbecue experience, follow the trail around the lake and you’ll soon come to a wonderful barbecue area, out on a small headland, just by the water. This site has tables, benches and endless opportunities for a tasty meal out in nature. Skedala Forest also has a number of wonderful walking trails.


Down in the heart of Grötvik, among the rocks and with the sea lapping at your feet, there are three barbecue areas to choose from. The view is magical and the setting is too, whichever one you choose. The barbecue area just next to the sea, or maybe the one offering a little more shelter from the wind, located in an old ruin? Round off your barbecue with an adventurous walk around the quarry. Grötvik can also be reached from Prins Bertil’s Trail.

Grötvik in Halmstad


Lake Landalasjön at Galgberget

By Lake Landalasjön, up in the beautiful natural setting of Galgberget, there are ideal opportunities for picnics, plenty of benches with tables, and a cosy barbecue area. While the sausages are being grilled, the ducks on the lake often provide good entertainment for the children. With food in your belly, you’ll be ready for a walk along one of the excellent trails, maybe stopping off at what’s usually a favourite for the children – the Sagoängen play area.


There are a number of barbecue areas set up by Lake Kroksjön in the Biskopstorp Nature Reserve (Swe), External link, opens in new window. and they are easy to access with both prams and wheelchairs. Park by Kronotorpet and follow the Kroksjö Trail down to the lake. The trail soon splits into two, one path leading down to a large barbecue area, while the other goes out to the tip of the headland, where there is also a barbecue area. Both offer a beautiful view over forest and lake. By Lake Kroksjön, you can take a stroll along the Strettelien Trail, a walk of 3 + 1 km.

 Möllegård nature reserve

Möllegård nature reserve

Möllegård Nature Reserve

Möllegård Nature Reserve (Swe) External link, opens in new window. is next to Nyrebäcken, which is bordered by 100-year-old alders. There are a number of easy-walking trails here, and two wonderful barbecue areas, one close to the Möllegård windmill and the other a stone’s throw from the World of Riccardo – perfect if you want to round off your excursion with some delicious Italian ice cream! You can reach the Möllegård Nature Reserve from Prins Bertil’s Trail.


At the Brearedssjön bathing site in Simlångsdalen, you’re surrounded by the peace and quiet of the forest and can enjoy birdsong, wild animals and fresh air. There’s a sandy beach, bathing jetty and barbecue area with a view of Lake Brearedssjön. Bring along your evening meal, prepare it over an open fire and round it all off with a refreshing dip in the lake. From the bathing site you can also access several walking trails in Simlångsdalen.


In the greenery of the park at Heagård, you can now find a couple of barbecue areas, ideal for those with small children. They are just next to the car park and are available for use every day of the week. Just take the equipment you need and leave the area as you’d wish to find it. And while you’re here, why not pop into Heagårds Skafferi (restaurant) External link, opens in new window., Butiken på Landet (clothing) (Swe) External link, opens in new window. and Konst och Hantverk (art and crafts centre) at Heagård (Swe)? External link, opens in new window.

Fire ban?

During the summer it is often hot. Remember to check if a fire ban applies before you go out. You can see what currently applies at (swe). External link, opens in new window. See which barbecue areas in Halmstad are approved for use even during the fire ban (swe). External link, opens in new window.

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