Gourmet in Halmstad

In Halmstad we have several restaurants that value that little bit extra – in terms of both culinary pleasure and atmosphere. Below we have tips about places for those who want a visit to a restaurant to be a complete experience that is out of the ordinary. Here you will find everything from charming Scandinavian to stylish Asian fusion.

There is a map showing the restaurants on the list at the bottom of the page.

 Inside the restaurant Hummër in Halmstad

Photo: Hummër Grill & Bar

Hummër Grill & Bar

Hummër Grill and Bar (Swe) External link, opens in new window. in Storgatan serves high-quality meat and lobster with delightful accompaniments made from fresh ingredients. Here you can order classic Surf & Turf as well as tasty charcuterie. Other dishes include Swedish entrecote and summer cabbage gruyere. Meat of the best quality is hung until it reaches perfection. Wondering how the name is pronounced? Simple – like a happy mood! Exactly how you feel after an evening at Hummër.

Restaurang Tylöhus

Want to get out of town and enjoy the glittering sea and views of beautiful sandy beaches? Then you should visit Restaurant Tylöhus (Swe) External link, opens in new window.Hotel Tylösand's (Swe) External link, opens in new window. most prestigious restaurant. Here the chefs offer a classic Swedish menu with their own twist from carefully selected ingredients. You can count on an inspiring dining experience in the best possible west coast environment.

 The dish plank is served at Pio in Halmstad

Photo: Pio Matsal & Bar

Pio Matsal & Bar

At Pio Matsal & Bar (swe) External link, opens in new window. and bar you will find yourself in a room dating back to the 1850s, with the vision of encouraging local producers so as to achieve a living countryside. Here the aim is that you will have a wonderful experience with good service in a comfortable environment. The food is prepared from fresh, locally produced ingredients, and the menu blends the traditional and the trendy. The dining experience at Pio is constantly changing as the menu follows the seasons. However, the well-known plank is a classic that has become a fixture on the menu – it was first made in 1970!

Stationsgatan 44 Mat & Bar

At Stationsgatan 44 Mat & Bar (Swe) External link, opens in new window., the concept is characterised by a delightful symphony of southern European food and Scandinavian influences. In a familiar atmosphere, you can enjoy a tasty modern sharing meal with loved ones. As well as the sharing concept, you can of course put together your own meal from the well thought out menu.

Fridolfs Krog

The friendly Fridolfs Krog (Swe) External link, opens in new window. in Brogatan is characterised by well-prepared, locally produced food and good service in true tavern spirit. Enjoy a well-composed tasting menu ranging from three to six dishes. Or choose something from the à la carte menu – there are also good vegetarian options.

Restaurang Kakel Kök & Bar

Restaurang Kakel Kök & Bar (Swe) External link, opens in new window. serves delicious dishes of different sizes with a menu that reflects the season. Here you can socialise with friends over a bite to eat – either at the bar or at a table. If you are a large group, you can take the opportunity to mix and order your own selection of dishes. You can find your way here by heading towards Lilla Torg.

 Bistro Jarlens outdoor seating

Bistro Jarlens outdoor seating. Photo: Bistro Jarlen

Bistro Jarlen

At the neighbourhood restaurant Bistro Jarlen (Swe) External link, opens in new window. in Fredsgatan you can enjoy good food with influences from both Swedish and French cuisine. The walls are currently decorated with art from The PhotoGallery External link, opens in new window. and here you will find a lovely atmosphere with a French bistro feel. The menu is characterised by high quality ingredients and here the passion for both cooking and wine is evident.

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