Walter Bengtsson

If you like art, you've come to the right place in the world. Halmstad has incredible and surprisingly much to offer. Why not visit Halland Art Museum. Or Mjellby Art Museum where the world famous Halmstad Group plays the main role. Then we can also boast a variety of galleries throughout the municipality. But here it is the outstanding Halmstad artist Walter Bengtsson who is the main character.

It is almost unbelievable that such a great artist has grown up and worked in Halmstad. Walter Bengtsson (1927–1998) was something truly unique in the world of artists. His ability to combine different materials and push the boundaries created art that is still at the forefront today. No, forefront isn't enough. He's on the top edge. There's "too much of everything" in his art – and that's what makes it so special and amazing.

 The artwork Don Quixote by Walter Bengtsson in Halmstad

The artwork Don Quixote by Walter Bengtsson

Walter Bengtsson's artwork in central Halmstad

Walter's artwork can be found here and there in central Halmstad. If you stand at the entrance to Kappahl, at the intersection of Köpmansgatan and Hantverksgatan, and lift your eyes, you will find Duke Knut (Swe)external link, opens in new window on his steed, for example. Above Pincho's entrance, Don Quixote welcomes you.

At Konditori Regnbågen (Swe)external link, opens in new window you can enjoy both pastries and a wooden relief with a patisserie theme. In Länsförsäkringar Halland's premises at Strandgatan 10 there is a profusion of Walter Bengtsson's work. It's like stepping into a magical and amazing "artificial" world.

At Slottsbron you will find the fountain sculpture The Salmon Goes Up (Swe)external link, opens in new window. In the old main entrance to Halmstad hospital is the sculpture series The History of Medicine. In a public area in the A-hall at Halmstad Arena you can see The Saga of the Lucky Pennyy (Swe)external link, opens in new window which, because of the redevelopment of Swedbank's premises, was donated to Halmstad municipality by the bank. There is a written description of the work. Our dear Walter is also represented all over Sweden.

 The artwork "Salmon goes up" by Walter Bengtsson in Halmstad

The artwork "Salmon goes up" by Walter Bengtsson

Walter Bengtsson Foundation in Ateljé Bastaskär

Walter loved his Halmstad, but above all he loved his studio in the old stonemason forge out by the beach in Grötvik. "From here I will never move," he declared. That’s how it turned out. Walter worked in Ateljé Bastaskär for almost 40 years.

In Ateljé Bastaskär (Swe)external link, opens in new window, the Walter Bengtsson Foundation (Swe)external link, opens in new window, formed by Walter Bengtsson and his wife Ullabritt in 1998, has collected about a hundred sculptures, paintings and sketches. Contact the Foundation if you have a group interested in viewing the art; contact information can be found on Ateljé Bastaskär's website (Swe)external link, opens in new window.

Walter Bengtsson's artistic life in brief

Sculptor, painter and graphic artist Walter Bengtsson (1927–1998) was educated at Valand Art Schoolexternal link, opens in new window in Gothenburg 1954–1958. The following year he continued his art studies at the Academia de Breraexternal link, opens in new window in Milan under the direction of Marino Marini. In 1971, Walter Bengtsson was elected a member of the Swedish Academy of Fine Arts (Swe)external link, opens in new window.

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