Museums in Halmstad

In Halmstad there are a number of interesting museums where you can learn more about everything from art and military history to the country shops and sport of the past.

Halland Art Museum from the outside

Halland Art Museum. Photo: Halland Art Museum

Art and architecture in focus

Halland Art Museum

Halland Art Museum is centrally located in Halmstad, next to the Nissan river and Norre Katts Park. The museum has a wide-ranging collection of Halland artwork – the Söndrum Colony, the Halmstad Group, Thea Ekström, GAN, Olle Bærtling, Roj Friberg, Lotta Antonsson and much more. Halland Art Museum also runs the Hallandsgården open-air museum, which is located on Galgberget. While you are here, take the opportunity to have a coffee on the museum's outdoor terrace with Nissan as a view.

Mjellby Art Museum

Mjellby Art Museum is located in Mjellby just north of Halmstad. The museum’s special mission is to work with surrealist art and it has an impressive collection of works of art by the Halmstad Group. In addition to the Halmstad Group, Mjellby Art Museum also has temporary exhibitions, often focusing on surrealism, modernism, gender and politics.

The whole family is welcome at Mjellby Art Museum which regularly organises family Sundays where you talk together about the art and then do crafts in the workshop.

Sigfrid Ericson Museum

Vargaslätten is currently working on building up a museum dedicated to the history and work of legendary architect Sigfrid Ericson. More information will be available later.

Military bike and photo of military

Garrison and aircraft defence museum

Museums about life in the country and in the military

Garnisons- och Luftvärnsmuseet (Garrison and aircraft defence museum)

Garnisons- och Luftvärnsmuseet is Halmstad's defence history museum, which is part of the Swedish Military History Heritage, SMHA and is located up on Galgberget in the same building as the soldier's home Lv6.

Garnisons- och Luftvärnsmuseet often has various exhibitions that either reflect the Halland regiment's history or show collections of older objects and films.

The Hallandsgården open-air museum

On Galgberget in central Halmstad is the Hallandsgården open-air museum, a green oasis and a must-visit attraction for anyone who wants to experience life as it once was.

Berte museum

More information coming soon.

Bröderna Perssons lanthandelsmuseum i Lyckebo

More information coming soon.

The Hallandsgården open-air museum in Halmstad on an autumn day

The Hallandsgården open-air museum

Sports, cars and airplanes

Halmstad Sports Museum

Halmstad Sports Museum at Halmstad Arena has a wide range of local sports history, sports equipment and the trophies won by sports associations, including Rolf Petersson's "Golden Paddle", Laxbuggarna’s World Cup trophy and the Palm Shield. Most objects are located in the large exhibition room on the second floor of building D, but some objects are also on display on the walls of the public areas of the piazza.

Svedino's Car and Aviation Museum

More information coming soon.

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