About the trail

The History of the Hylteleden Trail

The Hylteleden Trail was inaugurated in 1984. The trail came about in connection with the County Administrative Board, the then Road Administration (now the Swedish Transport Agency) and the Swedish National Cycling Advocacy Organization working on the coastal biking trail path that came to be called Ginstleden. That’s when the idea of also having a biking trail to the interior of Halland was born. The new trail became Hylteslingan, which later changed its name to the Hylteleden Trail.

The entity administering the new trail was the County Administrative Board's regional unit (whose current equivalent is Region Halland) and the Swedish Road Administration. When Hallandsturist, the county's regional tourism organization and predecessor of Visit Halland was formed in 1984, that entity also became involved in both the Ginst trail and the Hylteslingan through marketing of the trails.

The Hylteleden Trail today

The Hylteleden Trail starts from Halmstad Castle and follows the winding Nissan River valley to Hyltebruk and on to Jälluntofta where it turns down towards Unnaryd and then follows the Fylleån River valley back to Halmstad via Simlångsdalen Valley. In its last 30 or so kilometers, the trail runs mostly parallel with the Banvallsleden Trail.

In 2022, work to make the Hylteleden Trail a regional cycle path will be completed, while signage, maps and digital communication have been reviewed to increase accessibility. In 2022, the trail also changed its name to The Hylteleden Trail.

Who runs The Hylteleden Trail?

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