Drinks – pour a little bit of Halmstad into your glass

Pour something produced locally into your glass to create a unique dining experience. In Halmstad, we produce the organic artisan coffee X2, as well as tea, fruit drinks, must, squash, mulled wine, beer and, now, even wine. Join us on a voyage of discovery for a taste of Halmstad!

 Two people at I´m Coffee in Halmstad

I'm Coffee. Photo: Anna Reljanovic

Coffee and tea

Do you enjoy a really good cup of artisan coffee? If so, you should visit the little roastery I’m Coffee (swe), External link, opens in new window. the delightful aroma of which spreads far and wide. The roastery is run by Alpha Ousmane Sow, who has a wealth of experience of coffee in all its forms. Among other places, he sources his coffee beans from his own plantation in Guinea, where he oversees the harvest every year. The beans are then shipped to Halmstad, where he roasts them to perfection in order to offer his own delicious specialty coffees. Buy whole or ground beans, sit down in the coffee bar or book a tasting to experience the subtle differences for yourself. In addition to coffee, the company also produces a range of fresh teas named after Alpha’s wife, Ida.

Slöinge Kafferosteri (swe) External link, opens in new window. is another small roastery situated in the village of Slöinge, which produces wonderful specialty coffees. The sweet aroma of freshly ground coffee hangs in the air and you can enjoy a cup in good conscience knowing that it is organically farmed and procured via the fewest possible number of middlemen. The roastery shop also sells its own teas and muesli.

 HaFis rhubarb juice

HaFis rhubarb juice Photo: HaFi

Soft drinks

Hallands Fruktindustri, or Hafi External link, opens in new window. as it is known, is a family business that has been operating from Brännarp in the Halland countryside for over 80 years. The fourth generation of the family is now involved in the entire process from picking the fruit to packaging. The second you step inside Hafi’s shop, you are greeted by a delightful world of sun-ripened flavours. In addition to delicacies such as marmalades and jams, you will also find a range of fruit juices, smoothies, apple must, mulled wine and sparkling beverages with flavours such as rhubarb and elderberry. We guarantee that you will want to taste everything the Hafi Factory Shop has to offer!

Wapnö Farm (swe) External link, opens in new window. not only has its own brewery but also produces its own lemonade, cola, spring water, must and immensely popular mulled wine, all of which can be purchased in the farm shop. Nor can we write about Wapnö without mentioning the farm’s milk, perhaps the most famous of its wide range of products.

 Glass bottles

Photo: Michael Erhardsson, Mostphotos


It is hardly news that Halmstad is home to many passionate brewers and microbreweries whose handcrafted beers can be purchased at local Systembolaget stores, bars and restaurants. We have compiled a list of local microbreweries on a separate page.

 Grapes on Stora Berg i Halmstad

Grapes on Stora Berg. Photo: Per-Olof Nilsson


No, your eyes do not deceive you; Halmstad also produces wine, if on a modest scale. Lars-Erik and Per-Olof Nilsson have had vines on their farm Stora Berg (swe) External link, opens in new window. in Getinge since 2016. And now the own wine is served at the farm's small pizzeria. Curious? If so, you need to plan a visit to Stora Berg, the farm with self-picking of strawberries and other berries, farm shop and pizzeria, where you can enjoy the Halland take on the classic Roman pizza with a glass of wine from grapes grown, harvested and fermented on the farm.

Villa Susero

Villa Susero

Exclusive Wine Tastings

While these wines may not be produced in Halmstad, they are exquisite Italian wines not available through Systembolaget. Villa Susero External link, opens in new window. (SWE) offers an intimate and atmospheric wine cellar where groups of up to 12 people can reserve a wine tasting session. Villa Susero is wonderfully situated amidst rolling landscapes, nestled between Kvibille, Getinge, and Harplinge. The views of forests and fields will transport you to what feels like a Swedish Tuscany.

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