Hostels, B&Bs, cottage and guest houses

Stay where the scent of sea and seaweed wafts through the windows, in a nature reserve or in the heart of the city. Halmstad’s hostels (vandrarhem), guest houses (pensionat) and bed & breakfasts offer not only closeness to all of these, but also a special personal charm and unique experiences.

Hotell & Vandrarhem Kaptenshamn i Halmstad

Hotell & Vandrarhem Kaptenshamn

In the city

Hotell & Vandrarhem Kaptenshamn (Swe) External link, opens in new window. is close to both shopping and good restaurants and is situated in a calm area a stone's throw away from Nissan river and the main train station. There are several accommodation options, which means that there is something to suit most budgets: hostel rooms with private and shared bathrooms as well as hotel rooms for those looking for slightly higher standards.

Steninge Kuststation i Halmstad

Steninge Kuststation

Along the coast

In cosy Steninge you will find one of Halmstad’s most charming accommodations, Steninge Kuststation. External link, opens in new window. Here you stay close to both the sea and nature, and it is therefore the perfect option for hikers and cyclists. In addition to their love of nature, the host couple shares a passion for sustainable food and locally produced products. Another option in Steninge is Steningegården (Swe), External link, opens in new window. a summer farm with a stunning sea view. The rooms are simple but charming and accommodate two, three or four guests, or you can book one the farm’s cottages. Check out Steninge Bed & Breakfast (Swe) External link, opens in new window. and Stugebo Steninge (Swe) External link, opens in new window. for further options – both in great locations near the sea.

In Vilshärad, right on the beachfront, is Strandgården External link, opens in new window., which offers simple, affordable and homely accommodation. In the summer there is a restaurant, café and a full activity programme for both young and old, such as concerts, exhibitions and special themed weeks.

In Tylösand you will find one of Sweden’s most amazing beaches. If you’re looking to stay close by, you can choose between renowned Tylebäck Hotell och Konferens (Swe) External link, opens in new window. or the cosy guest house Hotell Trasten (Swe) External link, opens in new window. in the heart of Tylösand. Accommodation at Tylebäck Hotell och Konferens includes hotel rooms, cottages as well as a hostel section. An affordable option with a fantastic location.

Along the seaside but still relatively central is Lilla Vita Huset (Swe), External link, opens in new window. which is situated in a residential area approximately five kilometres from the town centre. About the same distance away but in the other direction is Stugcentralen (Swe), External link, opens in new window. nestled amongst summer homes in the middle of the classic seaside resort of Östra stranden.

South of Halmstad you will find Gullbrannagården External link, opens in new window., a large family camping ground that also offers hostel accommodation. In the holiday season, activities are arranged for the whole family and their restaurant is open every day.

Breakfast tray at Paulsson Paleo in Halmstad

Breakfast tray at Paulsson Paleo in Halmstad

Close to nature

Do prefer lodgings on nature’s doorstep? Being close to the forest and its tranquillity? Or perhaps what appeals to you is a view overlooking open landscapes and rolling fields? No matter what you prefer, there are suitable options.

In a small forest glade in Simlångsdalen you will find Escape to Paulsson Paleo. External link, opens in new window. Here you can truly be one with Mother Nature where whispering trees and rippling streams sing you to sleep. And when you wake up it will be to the chorus of birdsong. A bit north of Simlångsdalen is another accommodation on nature’s doorstep: Skallinge Gård (Swe), External link, opens in new window. where you can choose between a cottage and room.

Would you prefer to stay more in the countryside? Stakaberg Konferens och Gårdshotell (Swe) External link, opens in new window. is a B&B in a rural idyll surrounded by oak trees and the open Halland landscape below. In Gullbrandstorp you will find the cosy guest house Lilla Lyngabo (Swe) External link, opens in new window. neighboured by meadows and flowering rapeseed fields.

A more classic-style hostel can be found nine kilometres east of Halmstad, in the charming community of Åled. It is home to Birkagården, External link, opens in new window. which offers simple and affordable lodgings in the great outdoors. Other close-to-nature options include Nissaströms kursgård (Swe), External link, opens in new window. beautifully situated along Nissan river, and in the small community of Getinge outside Halmstad you will find Prostens Bed & Breakfast (Swe), External link, opens in new window. which is a unique accommodation in a vicarage dating back to 1868.

Open sliding door section at the cottage Lilla Lyngabo in Halmstad

Lilla Lyngabo. Photo: Ulla Sjöö

Book a hostel, guest house or B&B

You can book directly on the accommodation website. Would you like to compare prices? Search Google for “hotels in Halmstad”. External link, opens in new window. The search results will display prices from several different booking services. You can even specify arrival and departure dates.

If you are looking for a cottage to stay in, you can also take a look at, External link, opens in new window. Here, cottages of varying sizes are shown for rent, located both in the forest and by the sea.

What’s available right now?

Visit our page Vacant Accommodation in Halmstad to check for accommodation available right now as well as during selected periods. The accommodations regularly update their availability.

Gullbrannagården in Halmstad with trees around

Gullbrannagården. Photo: Adde Fotograf

List of accommodation in Halmstad

The list below is taken from Google My Business. In order to see the accommodation on a map, click on the icon to the right of the list. The list is in Swedish.

Hotel Tylösand

2583 omdömen

Berte Bed&Breakfast

4 omdömen


13 omdömen

Hotell Hovgård

144 omdömen


0 omdömen

HB Hagöns Camping

862 omdömen

EddyLou Ranch

84 omdömen

Camping Karlstorp

229 omdömen

Villa Surf Garden

22 omdömen

Hotell Trasten

24 omdömen

Grimsholmen Bed & Breakfast By The Sea

46 omdömen

Hotel Insense

88 omdömen

Wapnö Gårdshotell

34 omdömen

Steninge kuststation

197 omdömen

Hotell Laxen Vandrarhem

4 omdömen

Pensionat Lundåkra

31 omdömen

Stakaberg Konferens & Gårdshotell

61 omdömen

Swedish Idyll

25 omdömen

Pensionat Sågknorren, Fishing

48 omdömen


36 omdömen

More accommodation

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