30 Sveriges golfhuvudstad THE GOLF CAPITAL OF SWEDEN In 2016 Halmstad was named Golf Capital of Sweden. With six 18-hole courses and five 9-hole courses all within 15 minutes from the city center, there are a lot of options for you and your friends. The most famous of the golf courses is Halmstad Golfklubb in Tylösand, which has hosted big competitions like Solheim Cup and the European Championships for teams in 2015. One of the most beautiful courses is Ringenäs Golfklubb, with an unbeatable view of Kattegatt and Tylön. This 27-hole golf club has an exclusive hotel as well. Right across the road from Ringenäs is Halmstad Golfarena, a fun training complex for everyone who loves golf. For a wood and seaside experience, perhaps Haverdals ­ Golfklubb is something for you. If you leave the coast, both Holms Golfklubb and Tönnersjö Golfbana offer lovely rural environments for you to enjoy. For wide fairways and big greens, head to Holm. If you’re looking for interesting altitude differences and fun obstacles, Tönnersjö is for you. The variety of the golf courses on offer invites golf players from around the world to visit ­ Halmstad, and it’s easy to combine with other attractions in and around the city. Foto: Per Nilsson 30