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The project Ping Pong Power is a collective name for all the table tennis-related activities planned in Halland in general and in Halmstad in particular between 2015-2018. The project is a gigantic social, health and integration project which is powered by one of the world's most popular sports, table tennis..

During the aforementioned period, a wide variety of people, ranging from pre-schoolers to senior residents, will come into contact with table tennis, either through playing the game, watching it, or in some other way, experiencing it. In collaboration with, among others, the International Table Tennis Federation, the Swedish Table Tennis Association, HBTK, several public departments and companies within the municipalities of Halland, Destination Halmstad, RF, Region Halland, as well as associations and companies whose main focus is table tennis, we will work towards providing more people with the opportunity of exercising, more school children with the opportunity of trying table tennis, and the possibility of arranging a handful of international championships, exhibitions and much more.
This in turn, can potentially create more table tennis stars, more educated leaders, more businesses and more people who feel that they are part of the global table tennis family in the future. We will work to ensure that several individuals with foreign backgrounds host the delegations that are visiting Halmstad in connection with, for example, the World Team Table Tennis Championships 2018.

The hospitality industry is going to have to show what it's made of, as we will be welcoming visitors from over one hundred countries during the championship and Halmstad will be seen on television by hundreds of millions of viewers from all over the world in conjunction with the events.
This is just the beginning, and hopefully, this will help to strengthen Halmstad and Halland as a table tennis destination, as well as invigorating table tennis in Sweden.

Planned events

  • World Team Table Tennis Championships 2018


Johnny Ewerstein
Assistant Project Manager Table Tennis Halland Ping Pong Power
Mobile: +46 (0)70-234 02 41
E-mail: johnny.ewerstein@halmstad.se