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TASTE halmstad WITH tareq taylor

BBC Lifestyle chose to send celebrity chef Tareq Taylor to discover Halmstad in the series Nordic Cookery. 80 million viewers from 114 countries will see him summarize his visit: Halmstad offers up fantastic local specialties, youthful happiness, proud traditions and glorious countryside – in a culinary explosion.

Follow Tareq’s trip around Halmstad. Experience the contrast between the pulse of Tylösand and the tranquillity of the countryside with the locals whose products tell of Halland’s Danish heritage. You’ll find Tareq’s favourites here on the map. See the journey through the clips from the TV programme. Why not invite yourself and someone you like on the same experience as Tareq? Book your own experience package here:


Tareq Taylor tour
Nordic Cookery - Halsmtad

First glimpse of Halmstad

Tareq Taylor began his visit to Halmstad on the roof of Hotel Tylösand, with views over the sea of people at the “After Beach”. He paints a picture of his culinary journey around Halmstad where Danish history, old traditions and local pride leave a lasting impression.

Nordic Cookery - Halmstad

Guided tour by Jörgen Persson

Jörgen Persson, Halmstad born and bred, eleven-time World Champion in table tennis, meets Tareq in central Halmstad and guides him in a canoe on the River Nissan. The tour then switches to two wheels and they cycle to Stallbergs Kalkon and Kvibille Gästgivaregård, where cheese tasting is on the menu.

Nordic Cookery - Halmstad

Turkey burger at Halmstads Slott

Tareq pitches his kitchen in the gardens behind Halmstad’s 17th century castle. Tareq prepares a wonderfully creamy turkey burger, served with real old-fashioned sliced, pressed and pickled cucumber.

Nordic Cookery - Halmstad

Historic bike ride on the hunt for local raw materials

A stop at the nature reserve and Danska fallen waterfalls where many Danish soldiers died in 1676. Tareq then cycled to the kale fields in Harplinge and then on to Wapnö Gård, where he drove a threshing machine and collected unpasteurised milk from recently calved cows.

Nordic Cookery - Halsmtad

Garlic burger and Kalvdans at Wapnö

We get to delight in Tareq’s art of cookery on Wapnö’s castle terrace. A wonderful burger from the farm is prepared with kale and pickled red onion together with a green cheese sauce, flavoured with smoked garlic. Desert is Kalvdans, made from unpasteurised milk from a recently calved cow.

Nordic Cookery - Halmstad

Görvik fisherman and Söder pier

The trip continues on to the sea via Prince Bertil’s path where Tareq buys wild salmon from the Görvik fishermen. He takes the fish to Söder pier and finds a perfect spot by the beach where you can enjoy kite surfing, yoga and the sunset over the sea.

Nordic Cookery - Halsmtad

Quick gravad lax with kale by the beach

Tareq teaches us how to quickly prepare gravad lax before frying it and serving it with kale and a fresh apple salad mixed with a vinaigrette made from Halmstad mustard. Söder pier, by Halmstad’s most central beach and marina, is a hive of activity.

Nordic Cookery - Halmstad

The table tennis match with Jörgen Persson summarizes the visit

After Jörgen Persson’s table tennis challenge where Tareq ends up doubled over, he summarizes his visit: Halmstad is Sweden’s best summer destination with a fantastic combination of youthful ferocity and old traditions that explode in culinary discoveries.