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Människor äter mat på restaurang vid havet

EAT - Restaurants close to nature

Cafe vid Drottning Kristina Passagen

EAT - Cafe in the city centre


EAT - Mediterranean flair in the center during summer


Halmstad’s natural surroundings with fertile agricultural land and forests with their wildlife, bring out the best in the restaurant owners around Halmstad. Your visit to our award-winning restaurants will be a gastronomic experience, both at lunchtime and in the evening. There’s a rich, varied range of restaurants and bars in Halmstad. From Asian, Italian, Swedish home cooking or English pub food, there’s something for everyone.

Many of the restaurants and bars move out onto the streets and squares in the summer. Tylösand, Lilla Torg and along the River Nissan are a sure bet for people who want to enjoy a cold beer and snacks at one of the pavement bars.

Cafe and bakery
Local food
Nightclub, bar and pub