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Communication - staff

communication - staff

The department of Communication and Administration is a support function within Destination Halmstad AB. 

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Sarah S Johansson

Sarah Forss
Communication Manager
Mobile: +46-70 234 35 29
E-mail: sarah.sundqvist.johansson@halmstad.se


Johan F Lundberg

Erica Lundberg
Mobile: +46-70-204 42 83
E-mail: erica.lundberg@halmstad.se

Lisa Berggren

Lisa Berggren
Professional Communicator
Mobile: +46-73-387 77 43
E-mail: lisa.berggren@halmstad.se

Lisa Berggren

Johan Larsson Jufvas
Project Manager Relations and Business Developement
Mobile: +46-73 049 35 01
E-mail: johan.larsson.jufvas@halmstad.se

Lisa Berggren

Henrik Assarsson
Professional Communicator
E-mail: henrik.assarsson@halmstad.se

Lisa Berggren

Lasse Partanen
Professional Communicator
Mobile: +46-70-844 56 41
E-mail: lasse.partanen@halmstad.se