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environmental work at Destination Halmstad

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We at Destination Halmstad AB want to help create a more sustainable society. As a step in this Destination Halmstad AB was environmentally certified  in the summer of 2011, and since then the company has been actively working to reduce our environmental impact.

Being environmentally certified means that the business has introduced a straightforward and effective environmental management system that has given us more insight about our impact on the environment and what we can do to reduce it. It has also increased our awareness and our commitment to environmental issues within the comapnay.

Our continued environmental work

A diploma is valid for one year and must then be followed up and renewed. After our first year as an environmental certified company, we succeeded in including the creation of environmentally certified events, reducing our electricity consumption and also increased our trips with climate-friendly transport.

We will now continue to work on:

  • Travel more climate smart
  • Reduce our consumption of resources
  • Dispose more
  • Increase staff's knowledge of and commitment to the environment
  • Create and prioritize events to be qualified to be environmental certified

Destination Halmstad has developed an environmental vision and policy, to be a guide of the direction of our environmental work. Each year we put up new environmental goals, to keep our environmental work living. The environmental certifcation of the company meets the national standard requirements - Svensk Miljöbas, and is based on the international standard for environmental management , ISO 14001.

The work with the environmental certification of the company we have made together with SEE U Halmstad AB, which will continue to serve us as our Green Advisor.