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In southern Vapnödalen, just outside Halmstad City, there is the Möllegård farm. This lovely piece of land is where Riccardo chose to create his Italian oasis. It offers home-made Italian ice cream of the highest quality. There is also an antipasti bar and a café offering more tastes of Italy.

Nestled amongst fields and trees, this is a perfect place to relax and drink in the natural beauty. The farm’s animals include hens, cockerels and two horses. Eat an ice cream, stroke the animals and take a walk through the varying countryside along Prince Bertil’s trail. Alternatively, settle down for a cosy meal, indoors or outdoors, at Riccardo’s. Whatever your choices, you will leave satisfied.

Riccardo opened his Möllegård antipasti bar in 2014. It uses ingredients from, for example, Tuscany, Pisa, Sicily (organic produce from the BioViola concern) and Halmstad. You can eat lunch here and also buy goodies to take home with you.

In the city too

Do not worry if you are unable to get out to beautiful Möllegård for a relaxing break and Riccardo’s ice cream. Fortunately, he has also opened an outlet in Halmstad City. Fredsgatan is where you should head when you feel the need for proper, Italian ice cream.

Riccardo’s Italian ice cream

When Riccardo founded World of Riccardo in 2006, his goal was to create luxury, top-quality, home-made, Italian ice cream. A central element in this is the family’s recipe. Along with the right ingredients from Italy, France, Germany and Belgium, it makes the ice cream extremely tasty and wonderfully creamy. Riccardo varies the flavours with the seasons. Thus, for example, there is saffron and gingerbread ice cream around Christmas time. Raspberry ice-cream, Riccardo’s personal favourite, is available for just a couple of summer months every year.

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